Tufts Students Set Out to Strengthen Boston-Area Nonprofits Through Consulting

Lauren Landry, BostInno, November 27 2013

Money raised for a worthwhile cause is only as effective as the organization behind it. As Massachusetts’s first 180 Degrees Consulting branch, Tufts branch hopes to strengthen Greater Boston’s nonprofits.

180 Degrees Consulting adds Tufts to worldwide map of social justice consulting

Sabrina McMillin, November 13 2013

180 Degrees Consulting at Tufts became the second chapter to launch in the U.S. AJ Scaramucci was inspired to start the Tufts branch during his study abroad at the University of Sydney – where he worked with Food Water Shelter, an Australia-based non-profit, to take advantage of the growing popularity of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Consulting group aids nonprofits, seeks new members

Cory Schmidt, Indiana Daily Student, August 26 2012

In 2012, 180 Degrees Consulting’s first U.S. chapter – at Indiana University – celebrated its one-year anniversary. Jasmine Slivka started the branch in 2011 after spending a semester at the University of Sydney in the spring 2011, where she became acquainted with 180 Degrees Consulting. In 2012, 180 Degrees Consulting at IU selected 40 dedicated students who were given the opportunity to apply their coursework and create a real, long-lasting impact for nonprofits in the local community.

IU students offer free consulting to nonprofit groups

Dann Denny, heraldtimesonline.com, August 18 2011

Jasmine Slivka started the Indiana University 180 Degrees branch in 2011. In the first consulting round, the 180 Degrees branch hoped to accept 10 non-profits and 50 to 60 students. The 180 Degrees program allowed students to apply the skills they learned in the classroom to make a significant difference in the community.

Student consultants turn non-profits by 180 degrees

The University of Sydney Business School, April 15 2011

In 2007 Nathaniel Ware, Founder and CEO of 180 Degrees Consulting, identified an opportunity to match talented, enthusiastic students with not-for-profits seeking high-impact business advice. Four years later, the 2011 intake, 190 new consultants, gathered in Sydney to undertake 40-50 new projects for clients such as Red Cross and Youth Off the Streets. As Nat Ware had realized, “the effectiveness of funds is just as important as the level of funds”.