Boston University 180 Degrees Consulting is committed to delivering consulting services to nonprofits and social impact organizations in the Boston area. Founded in 2017, we are a fast growing branch with experienced & dedicated consultants to help our clients make an impact.

Our associates not only gain practical experience and first-hand exposure to Boston’s social enterprises, but also receive professional training from major consulting firms. By connecting passionate individuals and fully equipping them to find effective and innovative solutions to real-world challenges, we develop a community of leaders and social-thinkers.

Whether you are a socially conscious organization interested in becoming a 180 Degrees Consulting client, or a student interested in becoming a 180 Degrees consultant, we are excited to hear from you and explore what 180 Degrees can offer you.

Recruitment Info

We are currently not recruiting for any positions. We would be opening recruitment for consultant positions for Fall 2018 in August. If you wish to receive updates please fill out the form here, so you do not miss any updates.

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