Welcome to 180 Degrees Cambridge! We’re excited to bring the world’s largest and most prestigious university consultancy to Cambridge! We aim to provide the highest quality consulting services to worthwhile organisations, and provide highly talented university students with life-defining experiences!

We are now recruiting for our Lent 2017 Projects! Spaces are limited, so please apply using the link below by our deadline of the 22nd of January! You will be asked for your top three project preferences, so see below for a short description of each.

We are also recruiting for two Consulting Directors, which are separate from our student consultants and will join our executive team. For more information on the role, see below.

1. Impact-Driven Funding

Client: A charity that trains exceptional individuals from around the world to work with informal-sector entrepreneurs as facilitators. Over several weeks, facilitators share concepts and tools while addressing entrepreneurs’ current challenges in a consultancy capacity. The client also offer low interest, flexible, unsecured loans for these entrepreneurs. These terms have been designed with purely the entrepreneurs’ growth in mind.
Project: The sweet spot for an impact focused organization is the ability to generate revenue directly from impact related activities (Impact-Driven Revenue). The client would like 180DC to help them understand Impact-Driven Revenue and its various forms, as well as recommend how it can be applied to the client’s business model.

2. Service User Involvement (Evaluation & Feedback)

Client: A local charity providing free, non-judgmental, confidential and impartial advice to help people overcome crises and daily problems. They help with employment rights, managing money, housing rights, accessing benefit entitlements and much more. Their research and campaigns help to improve policies and services that affect people’s lives.
Project: The client has recently started a Lottery-funded project aiming to help the most vulnerable in our community through providing holistic advice to resolve crises and support individuals and their families for a period of up to 6 months. They want 180DC to help them develop an integrated system for Service User Involvement to collect accurate data and feedback from individuals going through the programme on how it can be continuously improved and strengthened to meet its goals.

3. Strategy & Route to Market

Client: A start up looking to develop a rapid Water Testing kit, based around a 3D-printed microscope. They can identify bacterial presence in under 1 hour, 10x faster than current tests available. Their objective is to have real-time monitoring of every water source around the world, mapping the spread of water contaminants, facilitating immediate intervention by purification companies.
Project: The client wants 180DC to investigate a roll-out strategy for the client, specifically identifying what the market needs from water testing kits, which countries the client should target first, government & NGO policies, relevant regulations, initial testing sources, any suggested modifications, and consequently, a route to market and overall business strategy.

4. Investor-Readiness & Growth

Client: A 100% Black, and significantly women owned, enterprise based in South Africa, specialising in the sourcing, processing and supply of high quality agricultural products to the retail and hospitality industries. Their focus is to create value for all stakeholders by bridging the gap between small emerging black farmers and markets through adding value to raw products through localised agro-processing hubs, building economic and technological capacity amongst emerging farmers, and creating channels to address food security and sustainability concerns.
Project: The client wants 180DC to provide an investment-ready business pitch for the client to use to pitch for investor funding. The client also wants 180DC to analyse its current business model for growth opportunities.

 5. Budget Evaluation

Client: The client is a network of public, private and community organisations in Cambridge, which aim to promote sustainable food locally. Projects include: awareness-raising stalls at public events; a high-profile Pumpkin Festival drawing attention to food waste; encouraging local food businesses to sign-up to our Sustainable Food Pledge; free family cookery workshops in low-income areas.
Project: The client wants 180DC to examine other Sustainable Cities to learn from their successes and see what is applicable to the client’s charity. The client wants 180DC to do analysis of the suitability of various types of funding, and research sources of grant funding relevant to the client.

 6. Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Strategy

Client: An online ethical marketplace for rare craftsmanship from the developing world. As a for-profit social enterprise, they empower artisans in developing countries by helping them access the global market, providing artisans with fairer prices and higher demand for their quality crafts. Artisans receive 50% of the profits from each sale made on, and the other 50% is re-invested to discover more artisans globally.
Project: The client wants 180DC to help develop a fundraising plan integrated with a marketing strategy to help the client reach its main target audience. The client wants to understand how to optimise cost-effective digital ads with a blend of SEO, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and influencer marketing.

 7. Benchmarking & Efficiency Maximisation

Client: A student-led charity, whose work is based in Tanzania. Each year, around 30 Cambridge students work with their Tanzanian counterparts on designing, implementing and managing development projects. These projects run throughout the year, but culminates in a two-month summer period, where the UK students are based in Tanzania, and live and work alongside their Tanzanian colleagues.
Project: The client wants 180DC to conduct benchmarking and impact evaluation of them in comparison to similar organisations. Subsequently, the client wants 180DC to identify how the charity can best sell itself to donors and external supporters, how it can become more cost-efficient, and how it can improve impact evaluation.





We’re now recruiting for someone with:

  • Proven leadership ability
  • Willingness and ability to take responsibility
  • Enthusiasm, drive, and a sound work ethic
  • Professional, diplomatic, and efficient communication skills
  • Genuine interest in consulting, not-for-profits and/or social entrepreneurship
  • Beneficial: experience in Management Consulting (internship, student projects, etc.)

What you need to have:

  • At least 5 hours per week to dedicate to 180 Degrees, up to 10 hours a week during peak periods
  • The ability to commit to this position for 1 academic year (exceptions may be considered)

What you will gain:

  • A management position in a local branch of the world’s largest student consultancy
  • Invaluable leadership and communication skills
  • Direct influence and responsibility in projects that create social impact
  • Access to a global network of like-minded individuals and resources across 180 Degrees Consulting branches

Key responsibilities:

  • Being responsible for 3-4 projects throughout the term, within which responsibilities include:
    • Attending weekly training sessions for the teams
    • Being the first point of contact for the clients and the teams
    • Resolving any conflicts or problems between or amongst the teams and clients
    • Ensuring projects (are on track to) meet Key Performance Indicators and deadlines
    • Organising training and additional supervision for the teams if necessary
    • Providing feedback and advice on project progress to the team
    • Collecting feedback after project completion
  • Maintaining client relationships:
    • Collecting feedback from clients post-engagement
    • Liaising with clients regarding continued partnership post-engagement
    • Attending networking events to seek new clients and projects

Application Process:

Send your CV and personal experience and motivation for the role (200 words max) to : Cambridge.recruiting@180dc.org.

Deadline: 22/01/2017 (midnight)

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed once all applications have been reviewed.


The University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB2 1TN, United Kingdom


United Kingdom

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