Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting Durham! We are founded in 2018 and are super excited to bring the world’s largest student consultancy to the North-East of England for the very first time! We are a group of passionate student consultants aiming to create social impact by providing high-quality and affordable consultancy services for socially-conscious organisations! 

180 Degrees Consulting Durham has three aims:

  • Provide affordable consultancy services to socially-conscious organizations that aim to transform
    the world
  • Provide students with opportunities to bring social impact and help organizations that they are
    passionate about
  • Develop next generation social leaders by engaging them in various community projects


We will open applications for our student consultants at Durham in early February, students who are interested should follow our social media!

For organizations that are interested in our services, please email durham@180dc.org







Durham University, South Road, Durham, United Kingdom


United Kingdom

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