Welcome to 180 Degrees IIT Kharagpur!

At 180 Degrees Consulting IIT Kharagpur, our main aim is to provide quality consultancy services to social organizations and NGOs at first and then increase diversity to socially conscious startups and small scale companies. Our mission is to connect the student consultants to nonprofits and private sectors in order to have a greater social impact by developing innovative, sustainable and practical solutions. This is a platform where students can gain leadership skills, consulting experience and professional etiquettes with a chance to drive value through the quality of their collaborative work.


We invite all students of IIT Kharagpur having analytical abilities and a passion towards making a positive change in the community. We not only offer the students to make a social impact, we help them realize their own potential and empower them to become that change they want to see.

To become a 180DC consultant, you can send in your applications in the Spring Semester.


Kharagpur, West Bengal 721302, India

Phone: +91 7872838525

IIT Kharagpur


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