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We are a one-of-a-kind network of friends aiming to solve problems that matter

180 Degrees Consulting Turin is not only a network of passionate and dedicated people who work together to improve the community they live in – we are also a group of close friends who share goals and build on each other’s ideas in order to succeed together.

We drive social change while providing a real work experience

We invest in students and leaders with ideas that create social and economic change through passionate training and effective mentorship provided by our team of advisors working in the consulting industry.

As our main sponsor, Oliver Wyman, provides not only the tools and frameworks students apply during their projects, but also a real experience of the consulting world and an example of social responsibility.

We improve non-profits

At 180 Degrees Consulting Turin we collaborate closely with NGOs and Non-Profits to improve their operations and help them scale. We truly believe in their missions and share their determination to shape a better community with equal opportunities for all individuals.

(Please take a look at the sample projects below to gain a deeper perspective on the work we do with partner organizations)

Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it.

Because nobody else will.

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We will contribute together to our community and share in our partners’ dreams – and work to make them a reality


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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • H4O

    Area: Ops and Planning; Communication and Marketing
    Year: 2015

    H4O is an Italian NGO aiming to improve and ensure the physical and moral integrity and dignity of all humans. The Organization operates in Madagascar and its final goal is to improve the sanitary conditions for the local population to enable communities to start growing independently.

    180DC’s collaboration with H4O can be outlined in two main workstreams:
    1) Ops and Planning: research of possible national advocacies and financial support; creation of an effective accounting tool; definition of a logistics program to transfer materials from Italy to Africa.
    2) Communication and Marketing: definition of a new communications strategy (with the aim of gaining more visibility locally and internationally); organization of marketing events; creation of a new Facebook page and website Q&A.

    Project Outcomes:
    1) Achievement of the Piedmont County Advocacy and Financial Support;
    2) New collaboration with the Pharmacy Faculty of Turin to start producing drugs in Madagascar to improve the life expectancy of the population;
    3) 100+ posts in three months and1,000+ likes on Facebook page.

    “180 Degrees Consulting made our Organization Scale to levels we have never even thought of and gave us the hope that a better World is something we can actually achieve.”
  • University of Turin

    Area: Business Planning and Financial Analysis
    Year: 2015

    Project Background:
    the University of Turin was working on the commercialization of one of its professor’s ideas in order to fund future research. The project and products under consideration are highly confidential because they are currently under review for patenting rights from the international authorities.

    180DC supported Faculty members in drafting their business plan, acting as a sounding board for underlying assumptions, implementing the financial projections and assessing possible future strategies the University can follow to commercialize its product.

    “Real consulting firm where actual consultants support and give directions to students. […]Students were not only helping the University activities but also having a unique professional experience for themselves.”
  • PermicroLab

    Area: HR and Ops
    Year: 2015

    PermicroLab Onlus is an Italian organization working in partnership with Permicro, the largest microcredit company in Italy,which helps Permicro potential borrowers to achieve and manage microcredit.

    180DC’s support to PermicroLab Onlus was mainly devoted to (i) analyzing the Organization’s recruiting process and to solving its criticalities and (ii) re-considering its internal structure to increase efficiency.

    Project Outcomes:
    1) 3 reports on the Organization’s HR & Ops criticalities and future strategies;
    2) Strategies have been implemented since September 2015 and measured outcomes will be available by the end of 2016 Q2.

    "Young, interdisciplinary, curious and motivated team"
  • Ponti Corti

    Area: Strategy and Communication
    Year: 2015

    Ponti Corti video contest is an initiative of ESSERCI social cooperative Turin; ESSERCI is a Type A Cooperative which deals with human services in response to the needs of the local community.

    180DC support to Ponti Corti was outlined in two main streams:
    1) Website layout re-definition and content structuring;
    2) Contest mission definition and promotion (including targeted Universities).

    Project Outcomes:
    1) +20% participants in the video contest when compared to previous years;
    2) 50% applications completed through website (in 2014 all applications had to be completed through traditional mail system);
    3) 32% of final applicants from targeted universities (+57% compared with 2014 data).

    "A good experience for students and very constructive for our organization. [...] The Video Contest was a success."
  • Forma-@ttiva

    Area: Communication and Marketing
    Year: 2014

    Set up in 2001 from the experience of professionals in the field of corporate and IT training, Forma-@ttiva provides disadvantaged members of the societys with a number of highly qualified training services.

    180DC support to Forma-@ttiva was mainly focused on:
    1) Brand re-definition and new design for logo;
    2) Marketing strategy gap-analysis and definition;
    3) Facebook page creation and website content structuring.

    Project Outcomes:
    1) Marketing strategy currently in use (since Sept. 2015);
    2) Built a strong and effective collaboration with the organization which engaged 180 Degrees Consulting for a new project.

    "I was particularly impressed by the attention to details and the structured thinking applied during the project; always trying to understand the underlying assumptions before running to a conclusion."

    Area: Ops Criticalities Assessment
    Year: 2015

    ESSERCI is a Type A Cooperative which deals with human services in response to the needs of the local community.

    180DC supported ESSERCI to understand where it could improve its operations and how it could increase its social impact.

    Project Outcomes:
    The project showed three main areas of intervention the Organization should work on to increase its outreach and financial sustainability. For each of these areas, one project is currently under development to tackle the spotted issue.

    "A very good opportunity for our organization. [...] Other 3 projects started on the results of the criticalities assessment produced."
  • CESI

    Area: Communication and Marketing; Fundraising
    Year: 2015

    Founded in 1965, C.E.S.I. is a non-profit organization which promotes studies and activities on European politics. The association is run by a small group of 10 people working on a voluntary basis.

    C.E.S.I. was facing two different problems: a difficulty in recruiting new members and a lack of financial resources (the association lost its unique financial sponsor at the end of 2014). Therefore the branch supported C.E.S.I. in:
    1) creating a new marketing and communications strategy on social networks to increase awareness;
    2) researching new potential investors and applying for university funding.

    Project Outcomes:
    1) Increase in the vitality of Facebook and Twitter profile: + 2100 Likes; +1200 Tweets;
    2) C.E.S.I. managed to obtain a 500 euro from the University of Turin.

    "180 Degrees Consulting Turin enabled us to see our criticalities from a different prospective and helped us elaborate a strategy to move on."


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