Meet the GLT: Anna Szabo

May 29, 2017

Anna (3)


Where are you from?

I am a born and bred Sydneysider, although I have travelled a lot over the last few years as well (I lived in Germany for one year and in Sweden for half a year)


What is your role at 180 Degrees?

I am one of the Global Consulting Directors on the GLT. This is my first time working for 180 as I wasn’t able to be involved during my undergraduate degrees, so I’m really excited to be on the team!


Welcome aboard! We’re excited to have you as well. What made you want to join the GLT?

I have known about 180 Degrees for a while because many of my friends have been involved over the years. I didn’t have time to commit to it while I was doing my undergrad, but I would definitely encourage everyone to try to work for 180 for at least one year at some point during their university studies if they have time—it equips you with excellent skills, gives you first-rate work experience, gives you the opportunity to dedicate your efforts to really meaningful projects, and as a bonus also looks great on your resume!

I applied to join the GLT for two main reasons: for the impact, and for the company. Firstly, I recognised what incredibly valuable work 180 does with non-profit organisations around the world, and I wanted to be a part of that. Coming from a non-profit background myself, I know all too well that charities work extremely hard to do as much as they can with what little they have, but sometimes they aren’t able to find the time look at things from an outsider’s perspective and make bold changes for the sake of increased efficiency or effectiveness. I love that 180 offers this service by making use of bright, talented, analytically-minded individuals who have this time. Secondly, the GLT is such a fantastic opportunity to become part of a company that thinks outside the box, a global network of changemakers that oversees and supports the work of the branches on the ground. I’m naturally a big picture thinker, so that aspect really appealed to me.


Tell us more about the Global Consulting Team. Do you have any specific goals for the upcoming year?

The Global Consulting Team primarily strives to support and expand the existing branches of 180 Degrees around the world and improve the quality of projects by investing in the student consultants on the ground. Our attentions this year are split between two areas that the Global Consulting Directors are focusing on: core processes (developing consulting resources, the Past Projects Database and the Global Consulting Awards) and proactive initiatives (carrying out detailed analysis and categorisation of projects, quality assurance, impact measurement and branch satisfaction).


What do you do outside of 180?

I have been working for a variety of humanitarian and human rights non-profit organisations for the last 4 years and am currently finishing a Masters in Human Rights Law & Policy. I also previously studied a philosophy degree and a music degree, so I also moonlight as a classical singer for the occasional project or tour.


That’s really cool! Are there any composers whose works you really enjoy performing?

Having sung a lot of sacred choral works, I really enjoy music by most Renaissance and baroque composers, such as Palestrina, Lassus, Handel and Bach. I also love early twentieth century composers such as Ravel and Stravinsky, they were pretty experimental in their time. And I have a soft spot for minimalist works by guys like Glass and Reich, and for opera. So a whole range really!


Do you have any exciting tour stories?

I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to do a fair bit of international travel for my singing, but one highlight would definitely be performing with the World Youth Choir at the Nobel Peace Price Concert in Oslo in 2011. On other occasions touring with this choir, we’ve held our rehearsals in a German castle built in the 12th century (that was last year), did a spot of hiking when we were in Cyprus (2012), and happened to be in Spain when the soccer World Cup was happening in 2010. Those were pretty amazing experiences too.


Are there any fun facts about you that you feel everyone should know?

Fun fact: I don’t have a favourite of anything! I feel like it’s really mean to discriminate by picking just one favourite food or colour or ice cream flavour, so I generally love variety in everything.