Meet the GLT: Finance Team

June 26, 2017



Outgoing CFO Message – Harry Raymond Joseph

It’s with deep regret and sadness that I want to announce my decision to leave 180DC. I’ve had some of the best times in my role as the CFO at 180DC, and quite frankly I can’t think of a role I’ve held so far that even remotely comes close to the responsibilities I’ve been given here (this includes my real job at Barclays as an AVP in an elite asset class team). Through this opportunity, I’ve seen myself grow and mature into a global leader. I’ve had the privilege of working at several world renowned organizations, but I’m thoroughly awestruck by the experience I’ve had at 180DC so far. Of course, we have our difficulties, but the amount of impact and the potential to change the world at 180DC is truly non-paralleled.


Moving forward, I’m greatly pleased to announce Mary Condon as our next CFO. Mary’s been with 180DC for over 3 years, and has been absolutely exceptional in her role as the DBFM coordinating with the APAC branches. Mary has single-handedly raised over 11,000 AUD, which is close to total operating expense of 180DC last year! End of last year, Mary was promoted to DCFO and since has contributed many ideas that have helped the team move forward in strategic areas. I want to congratulate Mary on her role as the new CFO of 180DC and would like to request you all to provide the same cooperation and support to Mary that you all readily and generously extended to me.


Incoming CFO Message – Mary Condon

I couldn’t be more excited to be taking on the challenge of making 180 Degrees financially sustainable as the incoming CFO! The primary reason that charities and NFPs fail is due to being financially unsustainable, and we want to ensure that 180 Degrees is around for years and decades to come. For the finance team, that means helping 180 Degrees and each and every one of it’s branches, to have a constant and sustainable source of income. We know each branch does amazing work with their clients every single day and delivers amazing value to their clients, so why not be rewarded for the work that we do? This is why we ask for donations from clients. Being able to seek value from the services and the work that consultants do is the best way to transform 180 from a pro-bono organiztion, to one that recognises the high quality work we do and ask that clients also recognise that by providing contributions. We know this is new for many branches and a challenge we want to support branches to achieve, so you’ll be hearing a lot more from us this year, and hope that this is a task we can accomplish together!


Our New Finance Team 

Mary Condon – Incoming CFO

Mary joined the finance team of the Global Leadership Team of 180 Degrees Consulting in 2013. She worked initially as the Director of Financial Management for the Asia Pacific region. Now she serves as CFO, ensuring financial sustainability at both a branch and wider organizational level. As the CFO, Mary is also responsible for the oversight of reporting, budgeting and compliance. She has a bachelor of Commerce/Arts from the University of Sydney, a Certificate in International Business from Grenoble Ecole de Management and has recently completed an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. She has also spent time abroad working in Paris and Shanghai but now resides in Sydney, where she works as a Deposits & Payments Product Manager in the banking and financial services division of Macquarie Bank.


Dip Basu – Global Finance Director

Dip joined 180 Degrees Consulting in early 2017 to assist the finance team in its endeavor to collaborate efficiently with branch leaderships and support strategic decisions involving financial sustainability. Dip has navigated both the start-up and the corporate world, having worked extensively with clients and colleagues from several continents. During his MBA from HEC Paris, Dip concentrated on strategy and sustainability disciplines. He also holds a Chartered Accountant degree and a Masters in Finance. He is an avid traveler and loves to discover other cultures through gastronomy and learning new languages.


Jessica Tarica – Global Finance Director

Jessica Tarica is the Director of Branch Financial Management for the Americas Region of 180 Degrees Consulting.  After graduating with a Masters in Taxation from the University of Illinois (her home state), she earned her CPA License, and completed the graduate program at Wharton Business School.  Jessica then stayed in Philadelphia to pursue opportunities in private equity and tax consulting. Outside of the office, she is passionate about organic farming and serves on the board of a local organic farm located just outside of the city of Philadelphia.  One of her favorite things to do at 180DC is to meet with local branch leaders to get input on the direction of the organization and represent their interests to the international team.  In her freetime, when she is not volunteering, Jessica enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with her fluffle.  She is also an airbnb enthusiast, which is how she first became acquainted with 180DC and Nat Ware!


Sam Sautelle – Global Finance Director

Sam joined the Global Leadership Team as a Finance Director in 2017, having been involved with 180 Degrees Consulting at the University of Sydney branch since 2016. As Treasurer of the University of Sydney branch, and now Global Finance Director, Sam is responsible for ensuring 180’s financial sustainability at both a branch and broader organizational level. Currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) at the University of Sydney, Sam is an avid sportsman, and previously competed as an elite cyclist on the US pro circuit.