180DC celebrates milestone of 100 branches worldwide

October 9, 2018

Sydney, Australia – October 9, 2018

180 Degrees Consulting, the world’s largest university-based consultancy for non-profit organisations, has reached 100 consulting branches in universities across 32 countries worldwide. This represents a major milestone in the 10-year history of the organisation.

180 Degrees Consulting provides socially conscious organisations with very high quality, extremely affordable consulting services. It was founded in September 2007 on the premise that there are non-profits in need of thoughtful advice, and talented students who want to make a meaningful difference. Currently all 100 branches consist of 1,400+ active consultants who have helped over 2,500 charities worldwide through over 2.8 million hours of consulting services.

A message from our Founder, Nat Ware

“For the past decade, 180 Degrees has led the way in enabling talented individuals to donate with their minds not just their money. We have grown from an untested concept into a proven social franchise model, from a crazy idea into a global movement, from transforming a single organization to transforming thousands of worthwhile organizations, from an unknown entity to a globally recognised brand synonymous with social impact, and from a solitary branch to 100 branches worldwide. 

100 branches is an exciting and significant milestone. It’s a time to pause, to be thankful of the past, and to dream for the future.

I’m especially grateful for the hard and selfless work of our incredible volunteer consultants and branch executives. As a result of their work, millions have greater dignity, have more opportunities, breathe easier, are less stressed, have food on the table, have greater equality, face less discrimination, are in better health, and are more empowered. Everyone who has contributed to 180 Degrees should be incredibly proud of the social impact that we have created together.

However, 100 branches is just the beginning. We will continue to rapidly grow our university-based branch network so as to help even more people in need. We’re also going to be expanding over the next few years beyond universities and launching new initiatives so that talented individuals can donate with their minds in other ways. We’re in the business of doing good in smarter and better ways.

If you’ve been a part of this journey so far, thank you. If you haven’t yet, please join us. There are problems to be solved, organizations to improve, and lives to be transformed for the better.”

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About 180 Degrees Consulting:

180 Degrees Consulting is a university – based consulting organisation that helps non-profit organisations run effective, measurable social impact programs, improve their financial sustainability, operate efficiently, be more data-driven in their decision-making, expand to new geographical areas, develop a workable business plan etc. To learn more, visit 180DC website, or follow on Twitter or Facebook.