180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest social impact consultancy. Each year we provide high-quality and affordable consulting to over 800 non-profits across 35 countries. The Global Leadership Team (GLT) is the body that leads and manages the work of 180 Degrees around the world. This includes supporting the existing 180 Degrees branches, helping new branches to get established, facilitating collaboration between branches, ensuring consulting quality control, measuring the social impact of 180 Degrees worldwide, improving our systems and processes so we can scale and expand our impact, and making crucial strategic decisions about the future of the organization. The GLT is comprised of extremely motivated and talented volunteers, who work in several main teams, including operations, growth, consulting, IT, business development/marketing, and finance.


We are not currently accepting applications for the Global Leadership team. Please check back for our next recruitment cycle in June/July 2021


Being a part of the GLT gives you the opportunity to display genuine leadership, work with very talented people from all corners of the globe, and make a significant difference to the lives of others! You’ll be able to facilitate social impact on a global scale – by supporting local branch leaders, by developing our IT infrastructure so we can continue to scale, by ensuring the financial sustainability of the organization, by creating consulting training resources that will benefit over 5000 volunteer consultants each year, by expanding 180 Degrees to new geographies and demographic groups, and much more!

Here at 180 Degrees, we have an ambitious plan for the future. We want to have an even greater social impact than we are currently having. We want to help all non-profits and social enterprises to achieve their full potential. If that’s something you want to be a part of, we encourage you to apply for a position on the 180 Degrees Consulting Global Leadership Team!

“Being on the Global Leadership Team of 180 Degrees Consulting is a phenomenal experience. You get to work with some of the world’s most talented people to build a world changing organization. It’s very meaningful work, great leadership experience, and exceptionally fun!”


  • Do you need to be a student to apply? No, anyone can apply. Less than half of the Global Leadership Team are students. Most people work part-time or full-time alongside 180 Degrees work.
  • Do you need to live in a particular country? No, since we work mostly online and via video conferencing.
  • What is the time commitment? This will vary for each role, but it should be manageable alongside full-time study or full-time work. We will look favourably on people during the selection process who are able to dedicate a significant amount of time to 180 Degrees Consulting over the coming year. Most people on the Global Leadership Team contribute between 6-15 hours per week.
  • Are these volunteer positions? Yes. 180 Degrees is a non-profit volunteer organization. We want people to be involved because they believe in the work we’re doing! However, we do cover all travel and other costs associated with 180 Degrees work.


Some members of the 180 Degrees Consulting Global Leadership Team