AMER Conference 2017

November 5, 2017

We hosted 180 DC consultants from across North America and Europe in New York City for a weekend filled with speakers from the social impact world. Consultants were able to further develop consulting skills, listen to inspiring speakers, and exchange ideas with other 180 Degrees consultants.

We invited speakers from a variety of social impact organizations including Baobab Consulting, BUILD NYC, Purpose, Generation Citizen, and Global Environmental Lab. Additionally, we had current and former Global Leadership Team members speak on the future of 180 Degrees Consulting. Our speakers discussed the innovative ways they are tackling problems in their organizations, and what paths led them to where they are today.

Some highlights include learning how a study abroad trip to Cameroon led to a lifelong career in Africa, learning what it takes to engage high school students in politics when so many Americans are disengaging completely, conversing with the former Executive Director of 180 Degrees Consulting on the challenges of expanding the organization, and discussing amongst one another to learn best practices for their branches back home.

It was a packed weekend, but consultants were able to take in the sights of New York City and explore a bit on their own before heading back home. Thank you to everyone who came to the AMER Conference 2017!

Peyton Lausch

Global Events Director