Welcome to 180 Degrees Oxford! We are a new branch starting in the 2018/19 academic year. We’re really excited to be bringing the world’s largest student consultancy to Oxford.

Our mission is to leverage the talent available in Oxford to provide solutions for socially conscious organisations at an affordable cost that are innovative, practical, and sustainable.

At the same time, we seek to provide students at the University of Oxford with the opportunity to develop their skills in consulting with world-class training from top consultancies and cultivate a generation of future leaders with a passion for social impact. We want to empower people who seek to make a difference and encourage future world-leaders, business innovators and industry titans to consider impactful career-paths.


If you represent a social enterprise or non-profit, and are interested in taking advantage of the consulting services that 180 Degrees Consulting Oxford Oxford can offer you, I encourage you to get in touch with our branch email address [email protected] or with our president Kat Bochtler at [email protected]

This way, we will be able to give you more information about our client engagement period, offer you more detail about our services and work with you to understand how to best we can help your organisation.

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Do you have what it takes to be a 180 Degrees Consultant?  Passion. Talent. Leadership. Commitment to Making a Difference.

Joining 180 Degrees Consulting Oxford is the best value-for-time society in Oxford.

  • You will make a greater difference than simply raising money or awareness
  • You’ll receive professional training and networking opportunities with top-tier consultancies
  • You will get engaging work experience that matches your skills
  • You will be challenged and develop as a leader
  • You’ll meet interesting and like-minded people




Oxford OX1 2DL, UK

Phone: +447760962955

University of Oxford


apply to join the Branch

To apply to become a 180 Degrees Consultant, please click the button below, then select your branch and complete the form.

Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Viva

    Area: Children's Charity
    Year: 2019

    Viva is an international charity committed to the alleviation of childhood poverty and abuse. It carries out its work through collaborating with and nurturing locally led networks that are sustainable and effective.

    Our consultants provided innovative insights into Viva’s marketing strategy through a comparison with similar charities, specifically with regards to attracting major donors and redesigning its website.

    Area: Women's Rights
    Year: 2018

    WADADIA is an NGO in Kenya that empowers women most ostracised by their communities such as commercial sex workers, Fistula survivors, survivors of gender based violence and other vulnerable groups of women. It does so by providing psycho-social support, economic empowerment, and by providing medical care.

    Our team of consultants created a marketing strategy to attract more skilled volunteers to the NGO as well as increase sales of handicrafts created by women allowing them to be financially independent. We provided detailed recommendations on how to market the products on the international market, which should lead to a large increase in income for the survivors. Furthermore, we provided a step by step plan on how to recruit skilled volunteers and interns both domestically and internationally.
  • Invisible Cities

    Area: Homelessness Charity
    Year: 2018

    Invisible Cities is a social enterprise that is making a dent on rough sleeping in the United Kingdom.

    180DC identified 3 main cities for market expansion. In addition, we proposed comprehensive marketing strategies and impact measurement methodologies, which we estimate will improve customer lifetime value by 71.2%.

Branch Leadership Team

  • Ge Kuangning

    Ge Kuangning


    [email protected]
  • Amita Singh

    Amita Singh

    Client Acquisitions Director

  • Katharina Bochtler

    Katharina Bochtler

    Outreach Director

  • Wilfred Cheng

    Wilfred Cheng

    Partnerships Director

  • Goh Junwei

    Goh Junwei

    Consulting Director