180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam:

the solution to the obstacle in your path to social change

At 180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam, we strive to change lives- both through the work we do in providing recommendations to our clients, helping them make their social impact go further, and by shaping the next generation of changemakers. We can offer non-profit, NGO, charity, or social enterprise organizations low-to-no-cost consulting services in a range of problem areas, and can offer students the opportunity of a lifetime to work on a hands-on project where university just falls short.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Taste Before You Waste

    Area: Environment
    Year: 2020

    The 180 Degrees team analysed Taste Before You Waste's organization structure and systems to offer recommendations to maximize the organizations impact through increased financial sustainability, operational efficiency, and effective marketing strategy.

    The project ran from February to June 2020, and despite being met with the challenges that covid-19 presented, our wonderful team presented a end report and number of resources to support the organization, which, according to Taste Before You Waste, will certainly be implemented!

    "[The Consulting Director and Project Leader] were extremely communicative and kind, as well as the rest of the team. The overall experience was excellent."

    "The end report is very helpful, critical yet not negative. The team also created a number of resources to assist with our finances that I look forward to implementing."
  • Spark

    Area: Education/Poverty Alleviation
    Year: 2020

    The 180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam project team conducted a deep dive into a complex resource management challenge, and provided timely feedback to guide the team through understanding the strategic challenge.

    The positivity and kindness of Spark confirms the proximity of its values between 180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam and its partners.

    Spark stated that they were 100% likely to implement recommendations "due to the practicality and context-relevance of its recommendations".

    They stated that overall, they had a "positive and fruitful" experience working with 180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam and would recommend these services to their peer organizations.