Welcome to 180 Degrees Antwerp!

Our Branch
The Antwerp branch became a member of the 180 family in June 2015, motivated to use our entrepreneurial mindset and the knowledge we acquired throughout our education to better society. Throughout the years we have continued growing and improving, and we will continue to do so.

Our Mission
Many non-profit organizations face a wide array of financial and organizational constraints. Oftentimes they miss out on expensive services that large consulting companies provide. By working with teams of carefully selected students we are able to provide high quality, uniquely affordable consulting services. This way we connect the untapped capabilities of university students with the unmet needs of socially conscious organizations.

Our Team
As a 180 DC consultant you get a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in real-life projects that matter while working with other like-minded individuals in an inspiring atmosphere. During this experience you will be assisted by professional consulting partners.

If you are:

  • creative and motivated to gain experience,
  • eager to contribute to social projects,
  • ready for a professional experience,

Be sure to apply for the 2020 Autumn semester! Applications are open until the 4th of October. Stay informed about the latest details via our Facebook and Instagram!

Are you up for the challenge?

Become a client
Each year we work with several organizations to help them overcome their challenges and increase their social impact. If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Business Opportunities 
As a pro bono consultancy, our partners are essential to our growth. Their wide networks and in-depth expertise substantiate the quality of our consulting services. In return, we connect them with young talent and offer a unique marketing framework. Interested in any type of cooperation? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are open to all ideas!

Contact us at [email protected].


Prinsstraat 13, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium



apply to join the Branch

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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Designer Against Aids

    Area: Belgium
    Year: 2018

    By combining a refurbished online marketing strategy and a thorough analysis of the sales at that point in time, we aimed at spreading the values of DAA more effectively and offer better insights in their applied cost structure.

    It was a refreshing experience working together with a team motivated students dedicating their time and fresh perspectives to help us move forward as a social enterprise!
  • Trias

    Area: Belgium
    Year: 2016

    Develop a fundraising strategy, a communication plan and other useful tools.

    The work of 180 is of great value. This collaboration has really helped us to move forward and we look forward to working on a future project with them!
  • De Kringwinkel

    Area: Belgium
    Year: 2016

    By analyzing current marketing strategies, rethinking the donation experience and identifying best practices, we managed to improve brand recognition and increased customer and donor retention.

    The quality of their delivered work and the enthusiasm with which they redesigned our online marketing platform, certainly makes us excited for a follow-up project.
  • Armentekort

    Area: Belgium
    Year: 2016

    For armentekort we identified benchmarked KPI’s on an easy to use interface to provide the organization with real-time strategic insight in their operations and processes.

    What started out as a narrowly defined KPI project ended up in a fully-fledged strategic review with a set of ready to use recommendations. Our current thinking was challenged from several perspectives and our wildest expectations were exceeded overwhelmingly. 180 Degrees demonstrated the power of togetherness in the true ATK spirit.
  • Zomer Van Antwerpen

    Area: Belgium
    Year: 2016

    Developing an in debt Marketing Strategy for the Zomerfabriek and reevaluating and streamlining the organization's volunteer recruitment procedure

    Communication with a young enthousiastic and motivated team made us - as organisation - reflect on our challenges. It enabled us to make time to reflect better on current issues.