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We are honoured to announce that we have been awarded the Best New Branch in the world and Best Regional EMEA Project with Uganda Networks! Thanks to all those who made this happen!



We are a student led consulting organisation working with social enterprises and nonprofits on a mission to help our clients solve their hardest challenges and reach their full potential. We primarily work with organisations that are focused on improving education and health outcomes, achieving environmental sustainability and alleviating poverty.

Our ability to cater to all of our client’s needs hinges on the quality of our people, which is why we value them as our single greatest asset and invest so much in their growth.



If you represent a social enterprise or non-profit, and are interested in taking advantage of the consulting services that 180 Degrees Consulting at the University of Bath can offer you, I encourage you to reach out to our Client Services Director, Brandon Chong, at bchong@180dc.org.

He will be able to give you more information about our client engagement period, offer you more detail about our services and work with you to understand how to best help your organisation.



Why join 180DC Bath?

By joining our team as a Consultant or Project Leader, you will be working on the delivery of innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to socially conscious organisations around the world. This will offer you the chance to make a lasting and significant social impact while gaining first-hand consulting experience, receiving professional training, and building an invaluable network.

A project at 180DC Bath will entail the following:

What are we looking for?

We encourage students from all backgrounds and areas of study to apply to be a consultant for 180 Degrees Consulting Bath, as diversity in skills allows us to tackle a broader range of issues a client may be facing. We value intellectual curiosity, relentlessness, a desire to solve complex problems and create meaningful impact, and above all, an unwavering commitment to our organisation and its mission.

Successful applicants will usually be those who are academically successful, analytical, motivated, team-players, show initiative, and have demonstrated a passion for management consulting and the non-profit sector. These attributes may be demonstrated in your application through your area of study, past work experience, career aspirations, extra-curricular involvement and leadership roles.

Please feel free to direct any questions regarding 180 Degrees Consulting, or the application process, to our Consulting Directors, Laura Schneider (lschneider@180dc.org) and Rob Critchlow (rchritchlow@180dc.org). We wish you the best of luck with your application!



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In the Group Assessment Centre, you will be asked to solve a real 180 Degrees Consulting Case Study. Click here to access an example of a 180DC Case Study and a pdf version of Case in Point by Marc Cosentino. This book contains further examples of Case Studies and useful tools and frameworks to solve them.

The Personal Interview will focus on competency and situational judgement questions, so please make sure you are confident speaking about your relevant experiences and motivation to join 180 Degrees Consulting. We may also ask a brainteaser or a market-sizing question; you may find examples of these in the Case in Point book.


As a non-profit organisation, 180 Degrees welcomes any contributions to our branch, financial or otherwise! If you or your organisation would like to aid us in our mission to provide affordable advice for socially-conscious organisations, please contact us via email using the link on the right.




    • Q: I am a Fresher. Am I eligible to apply?
      A: Yes. We gladly accept applications from all candidates.
    • Q: Is there a minimum average required?
      A: There is no minimum average required to apply, however academic performance is one of the many factors that the recruitment committee takes into account when reviewing applications.
    • Q: Are you able to accept late applications?
      A: Unfortunately, due to the timeline with which we evaluate applications, we are unable to read any applications that are submitted past the stated application deadline.
    • Q: I applied to 180DC in the past but was not accepted. Am I allowed to re-apply at some point in the future?
      A: Yes. We recognise that the application process is competitive, and that your circumstances may change over time. Re-applying is an indicator of continued interest, and will therefore be judged as a positive rather than negative aspect of your application profile.
    • Q: I am unable to attend either information session. Will this negatively impact my application?
      A: No. We highly encourage applicants to attend one of the information sessions to learn more about the organisation and network with some of our members, however if you are unable to make it, your application will not be evaluated differently.
    • Q: What is the weekly time commitment associated with being a Consultant for 180DC?
      A: Approximately 5 to 8 hours per week. This includes organisation-wide meetings, project group meetings, and any research/tasks Engagement Managers may assign to Consultants. There may be some variation depending on the stage of a project, however we are considerate about our members’ academic commitments and strive to work around them. Our members typically find it very manageable to accommodate this commitment alongside other academic and extra-curricular involvement.

— Established May 2018


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