Guten Tag – We are the Berliners!

Basic Philosophy

We are group of likeminded students with the aspiration to use our entrepreneurial mindset to solve problems that matter. We have passion for meaningful impact and seek to shape society by delivering pro bono consulting services to non-profit organizations and social enterprises.

Recruiting Statement

Depending on our project pipeline, we are recruiting 20-30 consultants each semester. We are looking for creative students from all disciplines with curiosity for new challenges and a deep compassion for people. Apart from these crucial qualities, they have to be able to dedicate a considerable amount of time to our organization. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Applications for this semester are closed!

Learning Opportunities

We tackle complex real-life problems and design implementable solutions – an experience unlikely to be found in classroom settings. To ensure both professional services and personal development we provide mentoring programs together with practical input on topics such as project management, consulting methodology and creative problem solving. In short, everything we do is pointed at giving our consultants the opportunity to gain new food for thought, take responsibility and grow with new challenges.

Inspiring Atmosphere

Our working culture is what defines and differentiates us from other organizations. We stress a non-hierarchical, failure friendly, and multidisciplinary approach. Our internal communication is direct, honest and designed to trigger novel perspectives. We build on each other’s ideas in order to encourage one another to succeed. To us, no idea is a bad idea – no matter how crazy. Instead we seek to empower our consultants to think laterally and pursue bold ideas that solve our client’s toughest challenges.

Need-based Consulting

Our client focused consulting services aim to have immediate social impact. Combining traditional consulting methodology and team-based innovation practices, such as Design Thinking, we reach a holistic approach that yields need-based solutions. Due to regular feedback loops throughout the project phase, we ensure transparency, client satisfaction and continuous improvement of our services.

Engaged Clients

We exclusively work with organizations that are driven by a social mission. Furthermore, potential clients are screened for their inclination to novel ideas and their capacity for change. They are dynamic, inspirational and excited to interact at eye level with our consultants. During a project period of one semester this close collaboration leads to benefits on both sides.

Right Place

Renowned for its cultural diversity, accumulation of creative talent, and vibrant social start-up scene, Berlin offers the perfect environment for the first 180 Degrees Consulting branch in Germany. Due to a mature social sector with unique proximity to political decision-making power, our projects promise to have high societal impact. Lastly, Berlin is home to more than 40 higher education institutions, giving us direct access to a large interdisciplinary pool of outstanding students.

Strategic Partnerships

Our goal is to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations from various sectors. As a pro bono consultancy, our partners are essential to our growth. Their wide networks and in-depth expertise substantiate the quality of our consulting services. In return, we connect them with young talent and future leaders.


Hardenbergstraße 38, 10623, Berlin, Germany



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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Über den Tellerrand kochen

    Area: Finance
    Year: 2015

    Über den Tellerrand kochen is a young social startup that raises awareness of refugees in Germany and supports their inclusion through community-cooking in an inspiring and relaxed atmosphere.

    The 180 Degrees Consulting team developed a sustainable financing strategy, including transparency of financial records such as revenues and cash-flows.
  • Xenion

    Area: Marketing
    Year: 2015

    XENION is a Berlin-based psychotherapeutic counseling and treatment center for traumatized refugees and survivors of torture and other human rights violations.

    180 Degrees Consulting worked on how XENION can establish a self-sustaining supporter association that allows to attract more private donations without disproportionate resource investments.
  • Alma Sana

    Area: Strategy
    Year: 2014

    Alma Sana Inc. is a nonprofit social enterprise with the mission of increasing rates of complete and timely immunization for children around the world through the use of a simple vaccine reminder bracelet. By looking at the child's bracelet, which uses only numbers and symbols to convey vaccine information, a mother knows the number and type of vaccines her child has received as well as the dates of upcoming vaccination appointments.

    The 180 Degrees Consulting team worked on a business model that will enable Alma Sana to scale up its work in a way that is sustainable, replicable, and creates long-term value for its stakeholders and beneficiaries.
  • Leef

    Area: Strategy
    Year: 2014

    Leaf tackles society's plastic problem by providing very stylish plates from palm leafs.

    180 Degrees Consulting is working with Leef to further develop their business model and strategy.

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