Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting  BITS Goa

180 Degrees BITS Goa is the second undergraduate institution of India to join the 180 Degrees family. Our mission is to help social organizations operate at their full potential by providing them with all possible resources and ideas which could have a positive impact on lives of people worldwide. We connect passionate students with nonprofit organizations that need consulting advice yet cannot afford the cost of large consulting firms.

Our team comprises of 30 brightminded and motivated students from fields such as Computer Science, Electronics ,Mechanical engineering as well as students specialising in Finance and Economics. Our teams work on projects during the semester as well as in the summer breaks. We aim to assist organizations working in different domains of social welfare to create a sustained impact.




Case Interviews:  Particular topics where a consultant is interviewed on a case by a colleague.

Case Studies  : Teams of 4-5 solve a case study together using consulting frameworks and tools.

Online Competions : We organize an online case study challenge on Indian platforms such as dare2compete. We hope to have an international competition during fall this year.

Case Study Competition : The team is working hard to organize Goa’s first national level case study competition in 2019.

Why Join?

Joining 180DC as a student consultant is a great way to boost your CV with relevant work- and consulting experience, while expanding your professional network. Our consultants get a hands on experience working with clients on a wide range of topics and issues employing strategies to achieve the the firms objective. Moreover, you will expand your social network by meeting like-minded students from different countries, study backgrounds and universities.


180 DC gave me an unique platform to take on the most persistent problems in the impact sector. It also provides valuable experience in project leadership and stakeholder management. However, the best thing is that unlike an internship, the student consultants take the lead in the dialogue with the client. It is the closest thing you can get to a corporate consulting experience at the university level.
-Apoorv Anand President 2018-19

 180DC has proven to be a bright opportunity for informed, inspirational, and most importantly actively engaged young people to build a vivid community of service and progress. This is what drove me to join the chapter at our college. Being a part of the club for a year now, I feel satisfied to have contributed to the society using my skills and while working on the projects I have also been able to nourish my knowledge to the core.
-Nischay Mehta [Senior Consutlant]

180DC consultants focus on social impact through their work. We help organizations reach their full potential. The impact gets multiplied through the social sector and this is what motivated me in joining 180DC.
-Shiv Kumar [Senior Consultant]



We are on a lookout for people who are passionate about consulting and are willing to work with us on diverse projects to make a positive impact on the lives of people worldwide. We look forward to hearing from you.

We plan to have our next recruitment drive in August 2019.

However, we would recommend you to follow us Instagram for regular updates.

Meet the Team



NH 17B Bypass Road, Zuarinagar, Sancoale, Goa 403726

Phone: +91-7021520557


Goa 403726

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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • CRY

    Area: Employee and Intern Hiring Structure
    Year: 2018

    A team of 14 consultants worked on devising strategies for re-structuring the Recruitment Process of Interns and Volunteers, increasing Volunteer Retention and on generating work from their Alumni members.

    Employee Management, Restructuring hiring process.

    "The team was very helpful and had a lot of brilliant ideas to offer after conducting relevant research"
  • Why Waste

    Area: Organization Restructuring and Strategy formulation
    Year: 2019

    A team of 8-member consultants worked on assessing human impact created, organisation structure restructuring and devising marketing strategies

    Environmental Impact, Go to Market strategies.
  • Cancer Clinics

    Area: Fund raising and Marketting
    Year: 2019

    NGO in Mehsana, Gujarat, on Marketing and Fundraising fronts. It has successfully established 2 pilot centres and wishes to expand all over India with the objective to provide free Cancer detection to all parts of the society.

    Fund Raising, Social Media Marketing

    "180 DC BITS Goa displayed a high level of business development skills and conducted the project in a professional manner"
  • Ketto

    Area: Advisory Services
    Year: 2018

    The team designed a framework for NGO assessment to move donations to high-performing NGOs.

    Entry Market Strategy
  • CollegePrep

    Area: Market Research`
    Year: 2017

    The team conducted market research to gauge requirements of Indian students studying abroad

    Market research, Surveys & Statistical inferences