Boston University 180 Degrees Consulting is committed to delivering consulting services to nonprofits and social impact organizations in the Boston area. Founded in 2017, we are a fast growing branch with experienced & dedicated consultants to help our clients make an impact.

Our associates not only gain practical experience and first-hand exposure to Boston’s social enterprises, but also receive professional training from major consulting firms. By connecting passionate individuals and fully equipping them to find effective and innovative solutions to real-world challenges, we develop a community of leaders and social-thinkers.

Whether you are a socially conscious organization interested in becoming a 180 Degrees Consulting client, or a student interested in becoming a 180 Degrees consultant, we are excited to hear from you and explore what 180 Degrees can offer you.


Last semester, 180 Degrees Consulting worked with Technology Exchange Labs (TEL), an NGO based in Cambridge, MA, whose goal is to match solution-providers with solution-seekers in the areas of agriculture, health, sanitation, and many more. In order to further their mission, TEL sought to add a consulting-like business stream to their model, where they would be able to provide a tailored service for solution-seekers, who needed to find providers that fit very specific criteria. Led by Marlon Li, our 180 Degrees Consulting team worked throughout the semester on:

  • Researching what customer segments would be the most attractive to pursue with this new service,
  • What the current sector looked like in terms of competition and what price model would be the best to pursue within the sector.
  • Building a financial planning tool that would allow TEL to measure the impact one or multiple projects will have on their overall balance sheet.

At the end of the semester, the 180 team successfully delivered their recommendation to TEL marking the completion of the Boston University’s branch first project.

Recruitment Info

We are now actively recruiting for consultants! If you would are interested please complete our application by midnight 2/03

Key Dates for Spring 2019 Recruitment

1/29: Info Session |, Room CAS 211, 6pm

1/30: Info Session ||, Room CAS 211, 6pm

2/03: Application deadline, Midnight

2/04-06: Interviews – Behavioural and Case

2/08-09: Offers

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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Technology Exchange Labs

    Area: International Development
    Year: 2018

    180 DC is helped TechxLabs to evaluate their new service for helping large NGO's/Aid agencies. We helped identify & evaluate potential customer segments for the service. 180 DC also developed a pricing model which helped the client make new initiatives lead to positive cash flows to the organization.

  • One Can Help

    Area: Social Justice
    Year: 2018

    One Can Help provides the missing resources at-risk and foster children urgently need to improve their lives which are not available elsewhere. 180DC help to measure the impact created by its operations.

  • Boston Network For International Development

    Area: International Development
    Year: 2018

    BNID serves as a point of connection for groups and individuals in the Boston area who are concerned with issues of international development (ID) and global justice. 180 DC helped to identify new streams of donations and revenues to enable BNID to create a bigger impact.

Branch Leadership Team