A little bit about us…

180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest student-run consultancy, dedicated to helping nonprofits and social enterprises improve their services, expand their reach, and ultimately maximize their impact.


We are a team of motivated, enterprising students from diverse academic backgrounds, united by our passion to make a difference.

180 DC associates not only gain practical experience and first-hand exposure to Boston’s social enterprises but also receive professional training from major consulting firms, including McKinsey, PwC, Accenture & Deloitte.

By connecting passionate individuals and fully equipping them to find effective and innovative solutions to real-world challenges, we develop a community of leaders and social-thinkers. 

Boston University 180 Degrees Consulting is committed to delivering consulting services to nonprofits and social impact organizations in the Boston area. Founded in 2017, we are a fast-growing branch with experienced & dedicated consultants to help our clients make an impact.

Whether you are a socially conscious organization interested in becoming a 180 Degrees Consulting client, or a student interested in becoming a 180 Degrees consultant, we are excited to hear from you and explore what 180 Degrees can offer you.

For more information, reach out to boston@180dc.org





595 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA, United States

Boston University

United States

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