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2020 Lent Term Projects

180 Degrees Consulting Cambridge is proud to announce the following projects for Summer 2020!

Project 1: NEMI Teas – Business Development

NEMI Teas is a London-based tea company selling sustainable tea products to provide employment to refugees and help them integrate into broader society. Currently, they are looking to pivot and launch an online portal to increase its tea sales and place its trained refugee staff members into jobs. Thus, they want to develop a business plan and create a pitch deck for potential investors.


Project 2: Elvis & Kresse – Impact Assessment

Elvis & Kresse is a sustainable luxury business that rescue landfill-bound material, transform them into new goods, and donate 50% of the profits to charity. They currently rescue 15 different materials. Elvis & Kresse is embarking on full life cycle analysis of their activity to assess their environmental impact.


Project 3: Groundwork – Marketing Strategy

Groundwork is a leading UK environmental charity working to promote greener choices within communities whilst improving wellbeing and skills of those in need by training them as staff members providing advice for living sustainably. They currently engage with lots of corporate partners in ways such as employee engagement opportunities. In order to retain the corporate links during the COVID-19 age, they want to create an informative fundraising and environmental challenge promoting simple, pro-environment behaviours to engage corporate partners’ staff in their homes during COVID-19 lockdown and beyond.


Project 4: Mottainai Soap – Operations Design

Mottainai Soap aims to reduce the soap wasted by the hospitality sector through recovery, recycling and re-use. They also aim to retail the soap to raise funds to provide basic hand-washing facilities and access to clean water for communities in need. Mottainai Soap currently has a manual soap-sanitisation process that is not efficient and not scalable. Therefore, they are seeking support from students (preferably with STEM backgrounds) to develop a non-manual, scalable sanitisation process of the soap that fits with their existing manufacturing pipeline, which can be either chemical, mechanical or something entirely new.


Project 5: Allia Future Business Centre – Market Entry

Allia Future Business Centre operates business centres across the UK. They offer workspace for start-ups, SMEs and growing business with a focus on addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They are looking to evaluate the competitive landscape of co-working spaces in East London, thereby allowing them to plan for their COVID-19 recovery and invest in a new larger-scale building in this area.


Project 6: Choral Hub – Market Research

Choral Hub is an education gaming app for singing in a choir. They hope to help more people sing in choirs and make singing education more accessible and affordable. They are in the R&D phase and are developing strategic relationships with performing organisations to deliver free education. Choral Hub hopes to gain an accurate reflection of the current global choral singing market ahead of their formal seed funding investment raise.


Project 7: Form the Future – Business Development

Form the Future is a social enterprise based in Cambridge that aims to prepare young people for successful careers. They do this by running events, supporting mentorship programmes, facilitating work experience and providing personal guidance. During this period of upheaval, they want to respond to the needs of different customers and adapt their business model.


Project 8: Afrinspire – Fundraising Strategy

Afrinspire is a Cambridge-based charity supporting development initiatives in East Africa through grass-roots engagement with African partners. As a way to promote carbon efficiency, they want to measure and enhance their carbon impact by promoting reforestation while addressing poverty and food insecurity in Africa.


We encourage you to apply as soon as possible here.

Further details on the projects are found here.

Please refer to our Facebook page here or email us at [email protected] for any questions and further information on the application process/projects.

The deadline for applications is 28th June (8pm BST). The deadline for Project 1: NEMI Teas is 20th June (8pm BST).

Why join 180 DC Cambridge?

1. Make a difference on our clients and those they reach

Our work involves helping our clients reach their full potential and overcome the issues they are facing, which in turn, allows them to directly affect their customers or program recipients. Very few other opportunities at university allow students to make such a tangible impact on real organizations.

2. Gain hands-on work experience by tackling real-world problems

Our philosophy and mission focus heavily upon helping our members achieve their professional development goals. Working with 180DC provides members with invaluable experience which can be used to demonstrate interest and experience in consulting on their CV and talk about during interviews.

3. Develop consulting skills with our training workshops and professional mentorship system

Each project team will be paired up with one AC/Consultant from Bain & Company London to provide guideline and insight along your journey. We also have a well-established consultant training programme where you will be taught how to approach problems, manage projects and beyond. Your project ends with a closing presentation where you can present your findings to our clients and fellow consultants.

4. Meet like-minded students and make valuable networks

Joining 180 Degrees Consulting allows our members to carve out a smaller community within the University of Cambridge, and develop friendships that extend outside of organization events.

5. Be a part of the world’s largest student consultancy!

180 Degrees consulting has existed in its current form since 2015. Over the past few years it has expanded rapidly and now has 81 branches spread over 33 countries. We have over 5000 students working on projects at any given time. Apply now to become one of them!

We look forward to receiving your applications!

Applications close on 28th June (8pm BST). Application for NEMI Teas close on 20th June (8pm BST).




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