Welcome to 180 Degrees Cambridge! We’re excited to bring the world’s largest and most prestigious student consultancy to Cambridge! We aim to provide the highest quality consulting services to worthwhile organisations, and provide highly talented university students with life-defining experiences!

Why join 180 DC Cambridge?

1. Make a difference on our clients and those they reach

Our work involves helping our clients reach their full potential and overcome the issues they are facing, which in turn, allows them to directly affect their customers or program recipients. Very few other opportunities at university allow students to make such a tangible impact on real organizations.

2. Apply your skills to a real world problem and gain hands on work experience

Our philosophy and mission focuses heavily upon helping our members achieve their professional development goals. Working with 180DC provides members with invaluable experience which can be used to demonstrate interest and experience in consulting on their CV and talk about during interviews.

3. Meet like-minded students and make valuable networks

Joining 180 Degrees Consulting allows our members to carve out a smaller community within the University of Cambridge, and develop friendships that extend outside of organization events.

4. Be a part of the world’s largest student consultancy!

180 Degrees consulting has existed in its current form since 2015. Over the past two years it has expanded rapidly and now has 81 branches spread over 33 countries. We have over 5000 students working on projects at any given time. Apply now to become one of them!

Project Training

1. Professional Mentor System

Each project team will be paired up with one AC/Consultant from Bain & Company London to provide guideline and insight along your journey.

2. Consultancy Workshop

Our well-established introductory session will teach you how to ‘crack a case’ step by step.

You will be taught how to structure the problem, laying out the approach, team organisation and project management.

Fortnightly workshop and discussion sessions will be organised throughout the project timeline, to ensure we deliver the highest standard of solution and you will gain all-rounded insight from this experience.

3. Closing Presentation

Our annual closing presentation enables you to showcase your findings to our clients and fellow consultants.

This is a perfect opportunity to practice case delivery and learn about other teams’ works up to date!

How to apply?

We have now officially opened applications for Lent 2019. Below find a list of projects you could be working with next term. To apply,

Fill up the application form on https://goo.gl/R9i6U2 (or the form at the bottom of the page)

Apply before Friday, 18th January, 11:55PM!

Our committee will be reviewing all applications and interviewing Project Leaders after the deadline and final recruitment decisions will be sent to you via email in Late January!

We are looking forward to seeing your applications and joining 180DC!


Name Area Project Description
Alzheimer’s Research UK


Fundraising Strategy

Alzheimer’s Research funds pioneering research to benefit people with dementia. They would like the 180DC team to research how secondary and private schools successfully fundraise, in order to develop a strategy for Alzheimer’s Research UK that targets private and secondary schools, ideally linked to the theme of the charity’s work (science, dementia, the brain).


Strategic Gap Analysis 

Repositive is building a platform that makes data easily discoverable, and encouraging data sharing and collaborations for genomic research. This social enterprise was established in 2014 and has now raised over £3m for research purposes.
In this project, you will conduct a strategic gap analysis after Repositive’s audit report, to understand how it can improve its platform and research strategies.


Market Entry

Solaware provides wearable solar lighting to ensure access to safe, healthy and affordable lighting. Their technology offers a source of light to more than three billion people worldwide who do not have reliable access to electricity, replacing dangerous and toxic kerosene lamps and candles. You are invited to develop a market entry strategy for Solaware.


Market Research

Sweskills Academy is an African tech talent accelerator that aims to develop highly-skilled and diverse software engineering talents who can innovate locally, support regional tech ecosystems, and build software at global scale. They are presently looking to raise funds to push their programme to full launch, and would like us to conduct market research, web design and devise marketing strategies to pitch to investors.




Business Development

TempEasy is a foodtech startup that that aims to make adopting a plant-based diet easy, with the end mission of eradicating protein-energy malnutrition.
TempEasy is innovating the fermentation process of their key product, tempeh, a 300-year-old high-protein meat-alternative that originated in Indonesia. They have invited us to work on a new business development strategy, focused especially on distribution, pricing, and consumer and competitor analysis.

Blue Tap


Business Development

Blue Tap Water is a social enterprise using 3D printing to give more people in urban environments access to clean water. They would like 180DC to conduct market research and come up with a business development strategy for their low-cost water purification technology and reusable bamboo water bottles.


Cam Cycle


Membership Strategy

Cambridge Cycling Campaign is a volunteer-run charity aiming to provide safer, better and more cycling facilities in the Cambridge area. Many of these facilities such as paths, lanes, traffic signals, bridges and cycle parks would not exist without the work done by their members. They would like you to propose a new Membership Strategy. (You will be creating direct local impact!)

Our committee will be going through all applications after the deadline and you will receive your project allocation in the following week!


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