Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting Canterbury. We offer University of Canterbury students the chance to stand out from the crowd, boost their CV, gain real hands-on business experience and make a tangible difference to charities and not-for-profit organisations.

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Key dates for Semester Two 2018: 

Assessment centres for Semester Two will be held from 6pm until 8:30pm on the 1st and 2nd of August. Successful applicants are thrown right into it with your first client meeting at 5:30pm on 9th August. You will also get a chance to meet and talk with all mentors on the evening of  Monday 14th August. Two mandatory training sessions with our industry mentors will be held in term 3 and term 4, exact dates to be confirmed. The final presentation evening to clients, mentors and university staff will be at from 5pm until 7:30pm on 16th October 2018.


What organisations do you work with?

We work with organisations that want to improve their social impact in our community. These may range from small not-for-profits to social enterprises or businesses that want to make a positive difference.


What types of projects do you undertake?

Projects vary depending on the client. You may be writing a report to take to the relevant agencies, creating a marketing plan or producing a business plan to provide future revenue your client. For a sample of our past projects see the list below. For information on upcoming projects, please contact canterbury@180dc.org; projects will be confirmed after the interview process.


What sort of training and support does 180 Degrees Consulting provide?

All consulting teams will be assigned a member of the executive to guide them through the process. These consulting directors have been consultants previously, and are on call to support you and point you in the direction of useful contacts and resources.

Secondly, as we are part of a larger international network, we have a wealth of knowledge from around the world in the form of resources, past projects and general experience.

Finally, we organise for industry professionals to come in and provide face-to-face training on topics that are relevant to the current projects.


What commitment is required?

We make sure that the projects are achievable within the course of a semester. We expect approximately 2-4 hours per week, averaging to be approximately 35- 40 hours over the course of a semester. This consists of:

  • team meetings
  • meeting with your client 2-3 times throughout the project
  • research
  • writing your final report
  • presenting to the clients at the end of the semester.

For those who wish to credit being a 180 Degrees Consultant to your Co-curricular Record, this will account for 2 units, or 3 if you have the extra responsibility as a team leader.


I do not have experience in consulting and I am not from a business background, can I still apply?

Yes! This is why organisations love working with 180 Degrees Consulting. Because our teams are made up of students from a wide variety of backgrounds, our consultants are able to come up with innovative and alternative solutions that arise from this diverse collaboration process.

Show us that you have good problem-solving skills, can think critically about a problem and have the communication skills that this role needs, and we will create a team that meets both the needs of you as a student consultant and the client.


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University of Canterbury

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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • addington.net

    Area: Social Enterprise
    Year: 2015

    addington.net provides access to technology and education, improving the social and economic well-being of their community. Since the earthquakes addington.net have lost their main income sources. addington.net wish to find new methods to provide a sustainable future for addington.net

    "It was great to have a team of enthusiastic people thinking with us and providing us with a range of approaches to work on our problems."
  • Hearing Association Christchurch

    Area: Rejuvenation
    Year: 2015

    Hearing Association Christchurch provides support to individuals with hearing loss and their families. Hearing Christchurch sought help to become relevant for the younger generations who are facing hearing loss issues.

    "They all demonstrated a high level of commitment, professionalism
    and interest in what we wished to achieve and followed that through at each meeting and in the Final Report."
  • Adult Conductive Eductaion Trust

    Area: Policy Research
    Year: 2014

    Adult Conductive Education Trust aim to provide Conductive Education opportunities for individuals in Christchurch with neurological conditions. 180 Degrees Consulting produced a report in order to help them secure support from health care agencies.

    "A valuable report to the disability sector in New Zealand. Very few reports have been done on the physical challenges to the sector to date and we have had positive feedback from overseas organisations- Birmingham Institute wanting to have the paper published and blog it"