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Founded in 2020, 180 Degrees Consulting CityU Branch (180DC-CityU) is the third local 180 Degrees Consulting branch to provide affordable consulting services to non-profits and social enterprises in Hong Kong.

Driven by a group of ambitious and socially-aware university students with passion to make the world a better place, the CityU Branch aims to:

“Provide holistic consultation services for clients to realise their potential and groom a cadre of impact-focused talents with business consulting skillsets”

To accomplish our vision, 180DC-CityU has partnered with some of the most renowned consulting firms in Hong Kong including E Zee Learning, PERSOLKELLY Hong Kong, AlphaSights, and CSRN.

Every year we invite special guests who have made positive changes in the society to share their thoughts on how we should shape the world towards a brighter future. This year we are honored to have the Marketing Genius Mr. Lambert Chan to share his stories in changing the Hong Kong society.

Under the advisory board led by the Associate Dean Undergraduate Program of College of Business, Dr. Raymond Wong, and General Manager in Group Audit and Management Services at New World Development Company Limited, Mr. Teddy Liu, 180DC-CityU strives to contribute to the betterment of Hong Kong society, building a strong pipeline of talents with social impact mindset, and improving the services of NGOs and social enterprises in the years to come.

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Q: Do we only accept business stream students?

? No, we welcome students from every stream and cohort who are passionate about making a difference to the world. Attitude is the only thing that matters.


Q: What is the difference between committee and student consultant?

? Committee members are responsible for maintaining branch operation and should commit for at least 1 year. Student consultants are recruited by projects, and are responsible for constructing deliverables for our clients.


Q: What is the difference between team leader and student consultant?

? Both team leaders and student consultants are responsible for project delivery. Team leaders are the highest-performing consultants in the consultant teams who provide direction in projects, delegate tasks, oversee consultants’ work and coordinate 180 Degrees Consulting’s relationship with clients.


Q: What should you expect as a student consultant?

? Consultants are expected to engage in client meetings and present solutions or deliverables by the end of the project period. You are required to join a series of training workshops from our partners to equip yourselves with business acumen and professional presentation skills.


Tat Chee Avenue, Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • CareER Association Limited

    Area: Process Re-Engineering
    Year: 2020

  • Thrive Hong Kong Charitable Limited

    Area: Marketing & Branding
    Year: 2020

  • Cocoon Foundation

    Area: Marketing Research
    Year: 2021

  • SVHK Foundation Limited

    Area: Marketing Research
    Year: 2021

  • X Art Limited

    Area: Marketing Research
    Year: 2021

  • Mercy Ships

    Year: 2021

  • RC Deaf Missions

    Year: 2021

  • MWYO Limited

    Year: 2022

  • V Cycle Company Limited

    Year: 2022

  • World Vision Hong Kong

    Year: 2022

  • Area:

Branch Leadership Team