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Our diverse team of 9 board members represents 6 different countries, 8 study backgrounds and 3 universities in Copenhagen – But we have a lot in common too! That we wish to contribute to projects that matter, for example. That we aspire to put the skills we gain through study programs directly into practice. And that we enjoy working as a team to accomplish the best results possible. If you are interested in a fun, relevant and meaningful volunteer experience next to your studies, we welcome you to get involved with 180 Degrees Consulting in Copenhagen too!

We offer between 30 and 40 students, each semester, a chance to become student consultants, receive training from our partners (Next Step by Bindslev and Implement Consulting Group). The 30-40 student consultants will be divided into teams consisting of five, which will then help and work with a, for that semester, selected organisation. Each semester we find and contact new organisations who could both benefit from working with us and at the same time benefit our student consultants. Below you can find a list of previous organisations that we have worked with.


We’re able to offer very high-quality consulting services without the usual price tag because our consultants are carefully selected top university students with the right combination of expertise, creativity, and problem-solving ability. These consultants work on a volunteer basis because they believe in the work we’re doing. They believe that improving the effectiveness of organisations can make a massive and meaningful difference to the people those organisations serve.

As such, 180 Degrees connects the untapped capabilities of university students with the unmet needs of socially conscious organisations. The process is mutually beneficial. Non-profits, social enterprises, and socially minded businesses get custom solutions to the obstacles they’re facing while university students get work experience, professional training, and the opportunity to make a difference.

Previous Projects

Join us as a student consultant

Becoming a student consultant means dedicating your time and professional skills to social projects, for the period of one school semester (from September to December or from February to May). Together with other student consultants, you will be working on a real-life project for a NGO or social enterprise. The projects vary, but previous students consultants have worked on the development of e.g. business development plans, fundraising strategies, market research and marketing/communication strategies.

Who are we looking for?

We encourage diversity and welcome students from all universities and study backgrounds to apply for the student consultant positions. We look for talented team players; for dedicated individuals, who are proactive and eager to learn. We expect you to have a professional, proactive attitude and a desire to contribute to social projects. Apart from these qualities, we expect you to be able to dedicate a considerable amount of time to the assigned project.

Why join?

Joining 180DC as a student consultant is a great way to boost your CV with relevant work- and consulting experience, while expanding your professional network. Moreover, you will expand your social network by meeting like-minded students from different countries, study backgrounds and universities. Lastly, we have established strong partnerships with leading consultancies such as Next Step by Bindslev and Implement Consulting Group, who will provide you with the best training possible for your role as a student consultant and beyond.


We look forward to hearing from you when our application windows open in September (fall semester) and February (spring semester).

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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Hertha Levefallesskab

    Area: Strategy
    Year: 2013

    Hertha Levefallesskab is a social community located 20 km west of Arhus. The community facilitates so called reversed inclusion, which means that normal people integrate disabled people in their daily life to function as a normal society. Hertha wishes to establish a cafe/catering-service. 180 team was tasked with creating a strategy to execute the design of this inclusive workplace/cafe.

    "It is very positive that not-for-profit organisations are given this opportunity to formulate a problem or question and receive a professional, qualified answer - after having had a fruitful dialog with external people on that same question."
  • Care

    Area: Communications
    Year: 2013

    The global NGO CARE was established in Denmark 1987, and aims to improve the living conditions for the poorest people in developing countries, in particular related to the adaptation to climate change. The CARE magazine has the goal of communicating stories from the countries in which CARE is present, and to raise awareness about complex themes such as gender equality, maternal health and roads out of poverty. However, CARE Denmark wishes to gain a better understanding as to how these existing members are using the magazine and how to improve the content and design - to improve long-term member retention.

    "Very good, professional, intelligent, engaged, motivated, pleasant, not too time-demanding (which is an important factor in a busy workday). I'm very pleased with both the process and the outcome."
  • KPH

    Area: Funding Strategy/Business Plan
    Year: 2013

    Kobenhavns Projekthus (KPH) was founded in May 2009, and provides space and project guidance for small new start-ups, organizations, and event initiatives. The focus in KPH is to support entrepreneurs who work on solving today's societal problems, particularly those of a social, cultural and environmental nature. KPH has previously received funding from Copenhagen municipality to cover parts of their operating costs, however the agreement for the coming three years cut the support by 20 %. Not only is this felt throughout the organization but has also made KPH much more eager to become financially independent and secede from public funding. The 180 Degrees Consulting team was tasked with mapping learning experiences with previous projects - in order to develop a new incubator program.

    "The outcome was more useful than we thought it would be. Professional, interesting and a learning experience."
  • InnoAid

    Area: Structural Development and Marketing Strategy

    InnoAid is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in Copenhagen 2008. Their mission is to innovate aid and give aid to innovation, by working with locals in order to provide sustainable solutions and develop knowledge. With different academic perspectives, InnoAid co-creates innovations to reach sustainable solutions. In their first collaboration with 180 Degrees Consulting, a team was asked to develop a structure for how InnoAid could take their expertise and values from being a NGO into building a non-profit consultancy. The following semester, another 180 DC team helped InnoAid develop a marketing strategy for how to reach out to students in regards to their projects.

    "It is a pleasure to work with a team of driven, professional and passionate people, focused on delivering high-value for us to delivery more impact in our activities"


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