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Ever since its inception, 180DC Copenhagen has regularly assisted in making a social and environmental impact by offering student-based consultancy to social businesses and social enterprises throughout the Copenhagen area. Furthermore, we’ve connected students with organizations and helped them develop skills in a variety of disciplines.

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  • As a consultant, you will work in teams of five on a client’s case.
  • The client can be an organisation dealing with anything from blockchain, events, charity, finance and retail.
  • What all projects have in common is the aim of making a difference in the world.

Who are we looking for?

  • We encourage diversity and welcome students from all universities and study backgrounds.
  • We are looking for individuals who are eager to learn and to be good team players.
  • It is expected that you have a professional and proactive attitude and a desire to contribute.
  • Apart from these qualities, we expect you to dedicate 10-15 hours a week to the assigned project. 


Our consultancy cycles follow the academic semesters’ timeline.

Our application windows open in September (fall semester) and February (spring semester).

Relevant dates for the next consulting cycle 

Info Night 7th September 2020
Application Deadline 8th September 2020
Interviews 12th – 13th September 2020
Kick-off 14th September 2020
Consulting Period 14th September 2020 – 3rd December 2020
Final Event 3rd December 2020

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CBS - Solbjerg Plads 3


CBS - Solbjerg Plads 3

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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Blue Lobster

    Area: Maritime Industry
    Year: 2019

    The organization:
    Forming relationships with fisherman and organizing the transport and logistics is both time consuming and adds an extra layer of complexity to a chef’s already busy day. At the same time, fishermen are struggling to survive in the industry. In the past 10 years, 49 fishing harbors have closed in Denmark, and many risk suffering the same fate. This has led to fewer jobs and more unsustainable fishing practices (Foreningen for Skånsomt Kystfiskeri).

    Blue Lobster is a digital marketplace that enables fishermen to sell directly to customers, giving a better livelihood to small-scale fishermen and fresh, local and affordable seafood to consumers. They are changing the way fish is bought and sold by cutting out the middlemen and long-distance transportation, while adding a much-needed layer of transparency back into the fishing industry. Blue Lobster envisions becoming a global platform, cutting out the middleman in the fishing industry, and empowering small-scale fishermen to take autonomy over their sales.

    The task:
    As users beyond Copenhagen began to use the platform, Blue Lobster had to ensure that the business model and logistics were ready to scale, first throughout Denmark and then globally. The student consultants were asked to co-develop the company’s scaling up strategy.

    Areas of focus included:
    • decentralizing and streamlining the logistics
    • market research

  • timmersive

    Area: Virtual Reality
    Year: 2019

    The organization:
    timmersive is a virtual reality company from Germany. Founded in 2016 in Hannover, they focus on immersive media projects in the fields of entertainment and edutainment.
    timmersive did several VR-projects for the European, to motivate young people to vote at the EU-elections and a project based on augmented reality (AR) with the goal to gain awareness for the extinction of animals.

    Their latest project was beem.team - a VR platform for children with focus on bedridden girls and boys in children’s hospitals. beem.team wants to start as a solution for children’s hospitals.
    Studies prove that VR distracts children who are bedridden for a long time in a hospital. It reduces anxiety and even pain. The name beem.team refers to the effect of beaming yourself into different worlds and experiences in VR.

    The focus of beem.team is to create a useful tool for (children’s) hospitals, to distract children from their boring time in the hospital facilities and to help nurses during procedures like taking a blood sample, through immersing children into relaxing worlds. In the future beem.team aims to be a platform for children content in VR with it’s own, child-savvy VR-headset. Parents and nurses have a control-app on their mobile phones to control the content on the headset and decide how long the usage should be per day.

    The task:
    The student consultants received the task to create a business model around beem.team with
    • a value proposition
    • a pricing strategy
    • a content strategy
    • a market research

  • Engineers Without Borders

    Area: Engineering
    Year: 2016

    The organization:
    Engineers Without Borders is a technical-humanitarian organization of volunteer members with a large range of technical skills and backgrounds. They collaborate with local and international NGO's to improve the living conditions for distressed and vulnerable people in poor countries. They build schools and health clinics, provide clean water and better sanitation, improve roads and bridges as well as establish solar power plants and waste treatment plants.

    The population in the municipality of Coroico in Bolivia gains their drinking water from nearby rivers. Due to heavy farming, mining, residual waste and cocaine production the rivers are expected to be heavily polluted. No official records exist but local medical staff report high incidences of infectious diseases such as gastritis and diarrhea, but also non-infectious diseases such as poisonings and stomach cancer are prevalent. This is expected to be due to bacteria and chemicals in the drinking water.

    The scope of the project is to assist with setting up permanent and self-sustainable laboratory facilities at the local university in Coroico, Bolivia. The laboratory will perform bacterial and chemical analysis of drinking water in order to establish level and types of pollutants in the drinking water and provide guidance on acceptable drinking water sources for the local communities. The main issue in this project is to help the laboratory get economically self-sustainable. As this market is new and potential customers have little resources the student consultants had to be innovative and resourceful in order to develop a market strategy.

    The task:
    This project was divided into two steps:
    • how to make the laboratory economically independent within two years
    • prepare a business plan


Branch Leadership Team

  • Theresa Wesseler

    Theresa Wesseler


  • Nicoline Vedel Herling

    Nicoline Vedel Herling

    Vice President

  • Marine von Renteln

    Marine von Renteln

    Advisory Board

  • Rosa Maria Klöser

    Rosa Maria Klöser

    Advisory Board

  • Afnan El Segaier

    Afnan El Segaier

    Senior Director of Events and External Communications

  • Laura Moeslund Mains

    Laura Moeslund Mains

    Junior Director of Events and External Communications

  • Linda Laaksonen

    Linda Laaksonen

    Senior Director of Finance and Sponsorships

  • Camila Strümpfler

    Camila Strümpfler

    Junior Director of Finance and Sponsorships

  • Alexandra Pergel

    Alexandra Pergel

    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Josefine Naur Jensen

    Josefine Naur Jensen

    Junior Director of Marketing

  • Hannah Dürlich

    Hannah Dürlich

    Junior Director of Marketing

  • Sofie Høyer

    Sofie Høyer

    Junior Director of Knowledge Management

  • Ann-Kathrin Lachmann

    Ann-Kathrin Lachmann

    Junior Director of Partnerships

  • Reuben Rehan Bach Nielsen

    Reuben Rehan Bach Nielsen

    Junior Director of Recruitment and Internal Communications

  • Max Whittall

    Max Whittall

    Assistant to the Management Board


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