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Daulat Ram College is a renowned college in Delhi, which engages in divulging extensive education to women across the world and empowering them. The college has acquired The Star College position from the Government of India and has developed equipment and endured training in curriculum updates. It is known for the bold set of students who gain education for excellence within its campus.
Founded in July 2019, 180 Degrees Consulting DRC is one of the pioneering branches in Delhi University in the field of social sector consulting.

Our Mission

To provide superlative consultancy services to clients and partners committed to the social cause of ameliorating the state of the society.

Our Vision

To inculcate an inclusive, enthusiastic, and value-driven branch where the standards of service, trust, accountability and transparency are set high and upheld, to generate maximum value for our client and thus contribute towards the collective endeavor of creating an impact on the society.

Our Approach

-Dis-aggregation of the problem
-Breaking down the issue
-Detailed analysis of all the potential reasons behind the issue
-Allotting the Project to a trained Project Leader and a team of Senior Consultants and Consultants
-Show the draft project to the client and ask for their opinion
-Submit the final project
– Feedback from client
-Build long term relationship with client

Services offered

 Services offered but not limited to:
  1. Risk Analysis
  2. Market Entry
  3. Market Strategy
  4. Financial Modelling
  5. Impact Assessment
  6. Volunteer and HR
  7. Expansion and Establishment

Why us?

In contrast to other providers in the market, we are more affordable, sustainable, and effective. Under the expertise of our Board of Advisers, Mentors, Faculty Advisers and Consultants, we guarantee high quality services to our clients.

Join our team

Are you a budding consultant who wants a hands-on experience in the field of consulting? We are looking forward to build a team of energetic and enthusiastic students who have a zeal for social work and consulting. The mutual fascination for this field in our team will push everyone to give their best and learn more along the way.  The candidates are expected to: ✔ Show a genuine drive and passion for real social impact. ✔ Background in consultancy or social work. ✔ Demonstrate high cognitive abilities and team working skills. ✔ Have a drive for problem solving. ✔ Exhibit a friendly yet professional demeanor. ✔ Show potential and motivation to learn and gain professional experience.     Remuneration: Everybody involved in 180 Degrees Consulting works pro-bono. However, you get to gain a valuable experience to your Resume.   Project Cycle: We will be having two project cycles per year, January-May and July-November.   Workload: 4-5 hours per week  


Furthermore, you can contact us:

For queries of any kind, reach out to us at daulatramcollege@180dc.org








4, Patel Marg, Daulat Ram College, Maurice Nagar, Roop Nagar, Delhi-110007

Phone: 7678676150 (President)/ 9507055550 (General Secretary)

Daulat Ram College


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