Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting DRC!

We are a branch of the world’s largest university-based consultancy, 180 Degrees Consulting. 180 Degrees Consulting operates in 35+ countries with over 150 branches. It has engaged with over 10,000 carefully selected and professionally trained volunteer consultants worldwide, who work tirelessly so that socially conscious organisations can achieve their full potential and help more people in need.

Daulat Ram College is one of the leading colleges of the university, given the status of “Star College” by the Government of India and accredited Grade “A” by NAAC. The college provides extensive education to women across the world and believes in empowering them. It is known for its daring students who receive an education for excellence on its campus.

Established in the year 2019, 180 Degrees Consulting Daulat Ram College is one of the top branches in the Delhi University circuit and beyond. We are a team of 40+ dedicated consultants who work hard, day in and day out, to provide clients with the most beneficial and feasible solutions. With our team’s steadfast ingenuity, we have successfully worked on more than 20 projects to date.

Our Mission

To provide superlative social sector consulting services to clients and partners committed to the social cause of enhancing the state of society.

Our Vision

To teach an inclusive, enthusiastic, and value-driven branch where the standards of service and transparency are set high. We aim to generate maximum value for our clients and thus contribute towards the collective endeavour of creating an impact on society.

Our Approach

The projects undertaken by us go through a proper chain of steps to provide our clients with the best solution in minimal time.

  • Disaggregation of the problem
  • Breaking down the issue
  • Detailed analysis of all the potential reasons behind the issue
  • Allotting the project to a trained project leader and a team of senior consultants and consultants
  • Show the draft project to the client and ask for their opinion.
  • Submit the final project.
  • Feedback from clients
  • Build a long-term relationship with the client.

Services offered

We consistently strive to broaden the horizon of our services. The services we offer are not limited to:

  1. Risk Analysis
  2. Market Entry
  3. Marketing Strategy
  4. Market Research
  5. Financial Modelling
  6. Impact Assessment
  7. Volunteers and HR
  8. Expansion and Establishment

Why us?

180 Degrees Consulting Daulat Ram College is known for its regional expertise, connections to the non-profit and development sectors, and impact-driven and socially conscious student body. The team at 180 Degrees Consulting DRC is passionate, results-driven, and highly motivated. Our consultants have completed summer internships and are placed in international organisations like EY, Deloitte, BCG, Goldman Sachs, Bajaj Capital, etc., along with being associated with various NGOs.

Our team is professionally trained by our mentors, who are working as senior consultants, and speakers from BCG, Accenture, the International Centre for Research on Women, the World Economic Forum, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Talerang, Deloitte, etc. Under the expertise of our Board of Mentors, Faculty Advisors, and Executive Board, we guarantee high-quality services to our clients. On the contrary, compared to other providers in the market, we are more affordable, sustainable, and efficacious.

After 20+ successful projects and successfully organised events including summits, case studies, guesstimate competitions, and informative sessions in the years 2021–22 with 5000+ student engagements, our mission for this year is to retain satisfied clients, maintain strong client relationships, improve client satisfaction, expand to new territories, increase the visibility of the organization, continue service innovation, and make an impact.

Our Motto: We Thrive to make a change.

Furthermore, you can contact us on:

For queries of any kind, reach out to us at [email protected]


4, Patel Marg, Daulat Ram College, Maurice Nagar, Roop Nagar, Delhi-110007

Phone: +91 70520 01888 (President)/ +91 91360 18432 (Vice President)

Daulat Ram College


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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Chhanv Foundation

    Area: Operations
    Year: 2019

    Chhanv Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation in India working for the rehabilitation of acid attack survivors. Chhanv Foundation raised the unheard voices of acid attack survivors through its campaign Stop Acid Attacks in 2013. It redefined the definition of rehabilitation by advocacy for the acid attacks. Based on the analysis, two major concerns were identified: recruitment and product marketing. Keeping the limited funds of the organization in mind, consultants aimed at providing cost-efficient strategies and resources to alleviate the issues including connecting the organization with several other organizations for assistance along with those at university level as well.In accordance with the solutions suggested, it is expected that the organization's both long- as well as short-term goals are attained and the acid attack survivors are provided with greater assistance in living a more self-dependent life.

    Client Testimonial:

    The overall experience is satisfying because of commitment & dedication. Always ready to deliver is quite satisfying to see. Keep Shining

    - Alok Dixit, Chhanv Foundation
  • NaturalisT Foundation

    Area: Marketing
    Year: 2020

    Today we all exist in social chambers that keep many people uninformed about the various issues around the environment. NaturalisT Foundation wants to break through those echo chambers and reach out and educate people who currently do not understand the importance of a healthy ecosystem. They realized that those with interest in nature weren't getting enough guidance to make an impact, and they provide these people with that platform. They aim to inculcate a value emotionally connected with ecology and nature, which would drive conservation action through every soul. Our team of consultants was required to consult NaturalisT in the area of Public Relations and Marketing, Training sessions, Human Resource and Fundraising. Firstly, we curated Marketing and PR strategies, both offline and online, that would align with the organisation's aim and purpose. The Team also suggested new ideas and changes that can be implemented on the organisation's website to attract more people. Further, the team also suggested methods that NaturalisT can use for targeting the Elite Class of the society, such as organising luxury exhibitions. Moving forward, the core team of 180DC DRC organised training sessions for the NaturalisT team on the topics of Importance of the Organisation's proposal, networking, partnership and improving presentation and communication skills. Next, our team fuild fundraising strategies and techniques in consultation with the client, which significantly boosted the rate of their fundraisers, such as organising webinars, e-commerce, CSR fairs, Patreon, marathons and much more. Lastly, the team also devised a rating system for the NaturalisT founder that can be used for the employees and trainees of the organisation.

    Client Testimonial:

    It was an overall brilliant experience. They were able to help in a wide range of situations. They brought in a unique opinion since there are always ideas that we miss out on, which becomes valuable additions. The whole team was very helpful and readily available for everything.

    - Anurag Karekar, Co-founder, NaturalisT Foundation
  • Lakshyam Foundation

    Area: Product Launch
    Year: 2021

    Lakshyam Foundation was founded in 2012 to enhance the lives of disadvantaged children and women and offer a positive direction and a healthier approach towards their lives. Their vision is to work for economic, political, and socially marginalized communities to holistic advancement and implement customized, effective, scalable, and replicable models for community development. Lakshyam collaborated with an NGO, Holy Cow Foundation, which has been noble into sheltering to date 54000+ stray cattle across India, to launch a new venture, "Holycow Lakshyam", to develop and launch a freshly chosen product pocket made from an organic background (Cow-based) with medicinal and eco-friendly traits. Our team of consultants worked on this new joint venture in the area of Product Launching and Expansion. Firstly, we provided them with reports of Competitor Analysis through thorough research and analysis of the direct and indirect competitors of the venture and parallelly created a comparable Cost Sheet which would later help determine the prices. Next, we moved onto Customer Profiling with the help of Market study and Segmentation based on geography, demography, psychology, income etc. and its analysis to find the right target market and potential customers for their product. Next, our team curated exponentially appealing Content to be displayed on their website, blogs and brochure. The next step was the actual product launching, wherein our consultants researched and find out sustainable means of Packaging for the products filtered according to their efficiency. We also made Financial Projections within the estimated budget provided by the organisation wherein 50% of margin was chosen to project selling cost for an entire year. Apart from this, we also developed Expansion and Marketing strategies for the venture to have a robust start giving cutthroat competition to the competitors and for expansion, we thoroughly studied the potential of both national and international market of this domain, curating database of potential stores/units for maximum growth and expansion in the future. Lastly, our team developed a Pitch Deck for HolycowLakshyam to be presented to their investors and stakeholders.

    Client Testimonial:

    We highly appreciate and acknowledge the team for the kind of hard work they have put into our project *Holy Cow Lakshyam* The deliverables met our expectations and in the expected timeline. We wish all the best to the team for their future endeavours. The quality of deliverables was really good. They made it much easier to achieve our aims.
    Overall experience was very good.

    - Amit Wadhawan, Director, Lakshyam Foundation
  • Dream Girl Foundation

    Area: Recruitment of teachers and volunteers, research work and surveys paired with door-to-door campaigns
    Year: 2021

    Is one of the most eminent non-profit organizations providing proper education and medical facilities to underprivileged girls for their overall development and independence. The project verticals involved, Recruitment of teachers and volunteers, research work and surveys paired with door-to-door campaigns.

    Team Feedback:

    Dream Girl Foundation being my first project, gave me an insight into the consulting world. Working with DGF helped me to not only serve society in a way but also learn important skills like research, managing third problems and party solving real-time problems. I developed a perspective while working in the social space and learned acceptance as a life skill. It also helped me broaden my horizons in terms of social activities and organisational working. A big plus point was that I made a network that is going to last long. While working on the project, I was empowering others, but in hindsight, the process empowered me in inexplicable ways.

    - Gaurangi Mehrotra, Consultant, 180 Degrees Consulting DRC
  • Leading Learners

    Area: Competitor Analysis and Marketing
    Year: 2022

    Leading Learners is the educational technology company known as the all-in-one platform for students. They offer updated and accessible resources to students of all ages and backgrounds with a special focus on high school/postsecondary students. From scholarships, subject resources, to interactive toolkits, Leading Learners aim to have everything students could need to support students during their academic years. Free forever always, only upgrade when ready. Leading Learners was the first international project taken up by the team in the year 2022. The team worked on interesting verticals like Competitors Analysis and Marketing strategies.

    Client Testimonial:

    We plan to use the strategies and analyses done to improve our audience reach within our market. The side-by-side comparisons done by the team were always incredibly expressive and understandable. As a client, we were able to take the insights and easily put them into action. Incredible - from communication, deliverables, and extensive efforts.

    - Galicia Gordon, Founder, Leading Learners
  • Travel4change

    Area: Market Research, Business Development and Marketing
    Year: 2022

    Travel4change is a social enterprise offering a combination of volunteer programs and immersive travel packages benefiting you and the development of communities in need. Unlike normal travellers who have few opportunities to discover a culture during a stay abroad, their volunteers actively participate in a project and get highly involved. The team engaged with market research, business development, marketing and content writing verticals in the project.

    Client Testimonial:

    There were many valuable things about the consulting project. The most important one was that the team was able to understand our requirements and problems. Hence they came up with best solutions and recommendations on various aspects of the project like marketing, social media, competitor analysis and research work.

    - Rahul Khurana, Travel4Change