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About Us

Delhi Technological University was established as Delhi Polytechnic in 1941 and transitioned to Delhi College of Engineering in 1965, before being declared a State University in 2008. It is the second oldest engineering college in India and the mother institution of a number of national institutes including IIT Delhi, NSIT, and the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), and has notable alumni across the globe, through the past 79 years.

With names such as Vinod Dham, the ‘Father of the Pentium Chip’, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder of PayTM, Surya Kant, the President of TCS, and numerous senior-level position holders in major MNCs, DTU boasts of a legacy and one of the strongest alumni networks in the country, a number of whom are and have helped solve some of the biggest problems that the Fortune-500 companies face.

Our Mission

With the aim of maximizing our individual learning capacity, cohesive internal communication and reciprocity with our clients, we aspire to fill the opportunity gap of our socially conscious clients with professional, result-oriented and highly efficient operational assistance.

Founded in January 2019, our vision for 180 DC-DTU regards it as an inclusive, supportive, and value-driven branch where every consultant is encouraged to uphold responsibility, is provided professional development, and empowered to do work that will make a true difference in society.

Our Services

We pursue social development with a focus on practical values and real impact. We leverage high-quality training and interpersonal development through projects and professional guidance.
Our services include, but are not limited to :

  • Market Research
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Strategies
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Project Consulting
  • Operations Optimisation

Join Us

We are looking for students who share our fascination with consulting and are intensely enthusiastic about the learning curve it
provides. We emphasize students to explore the 180DC global experience and utilise the exposure for implementation in the local business environment.

Candidates are expected to:

➔ Demonstrate high cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills.
➔ Show a genuine drive and passion for real social impact.
➔ Display expertise or interest in a relevant field apart from consulting.
➔ Dedicate 4-5 hours per week working on projects.
➔ Professional internship, research project experience or experience in solving case studies is a bonus, but not a must.
➔ Show potential and motivation to learn and gain professional experience.

Upon joining, the selected consultants will:

➔ Undergo an induction workshop to enhance their skill-set.
➔ Receive specialized training sessions from business professionals
➔ Engage in two unique projects each semester.
➔ Obtain regular guidance from industry specialists and our alumni.
➔ Involve in periodic team building events with fellow branches to consolidate the interpersonal learning process.
➔ Gain networking opportunities with top-tier consultancies and the 180DC Global.


The recruitment will be held in October for the following positions:

  • Project Leaders
  • Consultants
  • Analysts

Contact the 180 DC DTU executives for more information about the hiring process.
Please stay tuned to our website and Facebook page and Instagram handle for further updates.


If you represent a socially conscious enterprise or a non-profit that is interested in utilising the consulting services that 180 Degrees Consulting DTU offers, we encourage you to get in touch with our Partnerships Director, Shreya Shri, at
She will be able to give you more information about our client engagement period, offer you more detail about our services and work with you to understand how to best we can help your organization.

Find Out More

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Delhi Technological University, New Delhi, India

Phone: +91 8447135968

Delhi Technological University


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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Monks Bouffe

    Area: Social Entrepreneurship
    Year: 2019

    Monks Bouffe is a Social Enterprise working on highlighting the impirtance of Food, Farming (Ecological) & Nutrition.

  • MyFarm

    Area: Social Enterprise
    Year: 2019

    MyFarm is an organic farming start-up based out of Kanpur.