Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting at the University of Exeter!

Who we are

This year more than ever, many social enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges, each unique to their own story. 180 Degrees Consulting Exeter has been founded as we sought to find solutions to these individual challenges whilst providing Exeter University students the opportunity to develop their consulting expertise. 

We are proud to be a part of the 180 Degrees Consulting community and we will strive to uphold the charitable reputation that they have built up over the past years. 

We are looking to optimise the talent available within the Exeter University community and campus to provide solutions for socially conscious organisations demonstrating a sustainable, practical, and innovative outlook. We aim to help organisations both within the UK and elsewhere around the world. 

About us

With diversity and inclusion-oriented mindset, wrecruit top talent from one of the best Universities in the UK, who perfectly fit the values of our organisation. We provide our talent with high-quality training and mentorship from industry leaders.  

Through proactive collaboration, we seek to get the best out of every individual within our teams. One of our main priorities is to foster an environment that facilitates open communication – empowering student voices. For Exeter University students, it is a fantastic opportunity to work in a diverse yet like-minded group that encourages creativity and professionalism. 


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Frequently asked questions

For prospective clients: 

  • What can 180DC Exeter do for me? 

We offer a tailored approach to our consulting activities, meaning we address your unique strategy and business operations’ needs. Every case is different, hence why we dedicate a lot of effort to identifying the unique problems your organisation may be facing, and deliver bespoke solutions.  Projects 180DC has been involved in range from improving fundraising, financial sustainability, human resource management and volunteer recruitment, branding and marketing, expanding to new geographical areas, working out organizational priorities, developing a workable business plan, etc.  


  • How do projects work? 

We have two project cycles. The first one from October to December, and the second from February to April. Each project cycle, we take on several projects for varied clients, all lasting for one project cycle (8-10 weeks).  

We assign 5 consultants to each project; one Project Manager, and a mixture of Junior and Senior consultants. These consultants are the very best from the University of Exeter and are recruited through a selective and exhaustive process. 

We are partnered with top firms in the management consulting industry, providing mentorship and training throughout projects. This means we bridge the expertise of consultants in top firms with you – the client. 


For potential recruits:  

  • Why Join 180DC Exeter as a consultant? 

We can offer Exeter University students the opportunity to gain professional insight into the world of consultancy – both hands-on experience and training from industry leaders. Our positions also present an opportunity to work closely with local non-profits and find solutions tailored to their own individual challenges. This is all done alongside your studies – helping you shape your chosen career path! 


  • What exactly does the role of a Junior Consultant at 180DC Exeter consist of? 

As a Junior Consultant, you will do a large variety of tasks, as consulting is a dynamic and varied industry. These may include launching fundraising strategies, or market research. You will also be tasked with presenting your findings to the client at the end of the project. 


  • Do consultants get training? 

Yes- 180DC Exeter is currently working with EY consultants in London, as well as other top companies in the sector. You can expect several workshops on core consulting skills throughout projects. 


  • How does the recruitment process take place?

 Our recruitment process involves 3 stages: 

Firstly, an online application comprised of various questions as well as a CV check – we want to get to know you and what your specific strengths are!

Secondly, we will conduct a group work exercise over Microsoft Teams (Covid-19 dependent) where we want to see how you approach a specific consultancy case but also, how effectively you work in a team.

Thirdly, a final round interview where we analyse which team and project you would be the best fit for. 


  • How many hours will this take a week?  

This will vary. Some weeks may be busier than others. A typical consultant at 180DC will be working approximately 5-10 hours a week on average, with a little more at the start and end of the projects. 


  • Will I have to work during exam periods? 

No- our project cycles are tailored to the University of Exeter’s academic schedule. This means no work during Christmas or January exams, and no work before Term 3 exams. 


Thank you! 

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