Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting Ghent!


The Ghent branch of 180 Degrees Consulting was founded on July 1, 2014 and operates at Ghent University.

We bring top university talent to the non-profit sector, transforming good organizations into great ones via high-quality and uniquely affordable consulting services. Our mission is to strengthen the ability of socially conscious organizations and to achieve high impact social outcomes through the development of innovative, practical and sustainable solutions.


In order for our mission to succeed, we are continuously looking for motivated and ambitious university students with various academic backgrounds to strengthen our team.

As a consultant, you like to tackle challenging problems, you are team-oriented and committed towards investing time in projects generating social impact. In return, we offer you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and tackle real consulting cases for real clients. Furthermore, you will receive professional training from top-tier organizations and institutions, and get to meet like-minded, impactful peers.

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Want more details? Don’t hesitate to contact us via [email protected].


Each year we work with a dozen of socially conscious organizations to help them overcome the challenges they’re facing and increase their social impact.

Our works consists of:

  • improving financial sustainability and operational efficiency
  • improving branding and marketing strategy
  • measuring and raising social impact
  • developing a workable business plan
  • and improving human capital management among others

We’ve worked with various organizations, ranging from small non-profit start-ups to big social enterprises like Broederlijk Delen, Fracarita, OCMW Gent and Think-Pink.

To apply for consulting services, please contact us via [email protected].


To carry the operational costs of our branch and to increase the social impact our consultants create, we count on our valued partners.

As a partner you benefit in several different ways:

  • our rigorously screened and skilled consultants can be your future employee
  • our trainings, workshops and mentoring sessions can be your organization’s introduction
  • our events can be your marketing opportunities
  • our consultants can be your mobile advertising platform in the Belgian student population

To express your interest in a partnership, please contact us via [email protected].


Jozef Kluyskensstraat, Ghent, Belgium



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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Habbekrats

    Area: Financial Analysis
    Year: 2019

    At Habbekrats Gent - De Fabriek, children between the age of 10 and 21 can find space to grow, play, explore, learn and find help when needed. Every child or youngster is welcome at Habbekrats, but there is a specific focus on children who grow up in challenging environment. For them, Habbekrats is a safe haven where there is food, safety, friends, attention, joy… .
    Our Habbekrats team performed a financial analysis of the organization. Based on the financial analysis, they made budgetting and accounting plan for the next 5 years.

  • Yuva Healthcare

    Area: Fundraising Strategy
    Year: 2019

    Yuva Healthcare is an Indian organization that offers students a high-quality nursing education and prepares them for a job in healthcare. They currently have 4 learning facilities and are looking to expand to 15 facilities. That way, they can educate more students and have a positive impact on the Indian healthcare system. Of course, growing from 4 to 15 facilities is not easy and that’s where 180 Degrees Consulting helped.
    The Yuva Healthcare team from 180 Degrees Consulting Ghent developed a fundraising strategy to finance the growth of Yuva.

  • Roeland

    Area: Marketing + Analysis of the competition
    Year: 2018

    Roeland reached out to us because they wanted to get an even better view on external factors such as the competition. The NGO also needed to recieve some advice on their marketing strategy.

    "Motivated and enthusiastic students made a thorough analysis by which certain suspicions were confirmed analytically, other data taught us new insights."
  • OCMW

    Area: Operations
    Year: 2016

    We statistically proved multiple discrepancies in the attribution of a certain contribution. With the outcomes we were able to provide multiple solutions to OCMW, regarding the process and promotion, and the people benefiting the most from this contribution.

    "The consulting team proposed fresh and valuable ideas that will be implemented in the near future."
  • Think Pink

    Area: Marketing
    Year: 2015

    We researched how Think Pink could diversify its portfolio of sports activities in order to stand out in a saturated market.
    Brainstorm and quantitative decision making techniques were used to come up with innovative ideas for current and new events. Beside, we’ve elaborated complementary marketing campaigns.

    "A young and very professional team proposed valuable and realistic recommendations."
  • Broederlijk Delen

    Area: Marketing
    Year: 2015

    Broederlijk Delen organizes its "Wereldkamp" yearly to attract and activate potential volunteers. In recent years the participation dropped from 200 to 50 participants on average.
    By researching the target group, we were able to propose a new concept. Afterwards, we developed a corresponding marketing strategy to attract and retain more volunteers.

    "The concrete recommendations in the marketing field were very valuable to us."
  • Protos

    Area: Fundraising
    Year: 2015

    By researching donor profiles through surveys, we were able to develop an integrated marketing and fundraising plan for Protos.

    "It was immediately clear that the consultants were living up to our expectations. From the first meeting and onward, they were full of ideas, even reaching beyond the scope of the project."
  • Bond Beter Leefmilieu

    Area: Strategy
    Year: 2015

    We were asked to develop a new network structure in order for Bond Beter Leefmilieu to be able to bundle the knowledge and expertise of its members. The network structure influences the organization’s core business on a strategic level.
    Next to elaborating on the details of the network structure, we also conducted a field test to see how the market would respond.

    "180 Degrees Consulting Ghent impressed us by the thoroughness of their proposed solutions."

Branch Leadership Team