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Since 2015, 180 Degrees Hamburg has regularly assisted in making social impact by offering student-based consultancy to social businesses and social enterprises throughout the Hamburg area. Furthermore, we’ve connected students with organizations as well as develop their skills in a variety of disciplines.

As a consultant at 180 Degrees Hamburg you will:

  • Work alongside social organizations and enterprises 
  • Develop your consulting skills based on your desired expertise
  • Make tangible social impact
  • Expand your international network with fellow consultants from around the globe
  • Realize your potential as a future consulting professional

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Hamburg, Germany



Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Bridge&Tunnel

    Area: Sustainable Fashion Label
    Year: 2018

    Founded in 2013 by Constanze Klotz and Hanna Charlotte Erhorn, Bridge&Tunnel is a sustainable fashion label from Hamburg, which brings together professional design and socially disadvantaged people. Through their label they produce socially sustainable denim products right here in Hamburg. Part of this social sustainability model involves employing women and men who have not been able to find a job for a long time as well as refugees who have only recently arrived in Germany. Additionally, to reduce their ecological footprint they only use post- and pre- consumer waste for their designs, which is being obtained from big Hamburg-based retailers. Therefore, every of their product is unique. Their collection includes fashion, accessories and interior design products. The aim of this project is to optimize Bridge & Tunnel´s sales strategy. This may include an analysis of online versus offline retail methods, cost accounting and in a broader sense also marketing strategies. The objective of this consulting project is to help Bridge&Tunnel stay profitable on the long-term allowing them to not rely solely on donations.

    "The project made it much easier to achieve our aims"
  • Save Democracy

    Area: Political Organization
    Year: 2018

    Save Democracy is a grassroots initiative founded in 2016. The Hamburg-based organization aims to foster political participation and strengthen democratic awareness via discussions, films, and thematic campaigns. The impartial and unbiased work environment provides a great platform to start discussing current social, political, and economic problems and dilemmas, as well as policy proposals. A long-term goal is to launch several democracy-supportive projects and initiatives as well as facilitate the creation of networks that foster new ways of democratic participation. To do so, Save Democracy has decided to expand and is, therefore, looking for volunteers as well as supporters in order to offer a more diverse range of contents and formats. Consequently, the objective of this consulting project is to develop an implementable marketing strategy that would allow Save Democracy to increase its supporter base and the number of active members in the organization.

    "The project team came up with really nice ideas and proposals for modification of our existing processes. It was really helpful that the team had a fresh perspective on our foundation."
  • Coko

    Area: CO2 Emmissions Reduction
    Year: 2021

    This organization offers the right platform to the fashion shop owner via a Shopify app. It calculates the CO2 emissions of the fashion items sold in the shop, enabling customers to analyze the environmental impact within their shopping cart. With their Climate Project Partners, they are offsetting emissions and trying to achieve an additional environmental impact.

  • tricargo

    Area: Transport
    Year: 2020

    The core activities of the company are the development and production of e-bikes, and the logistic services carried out on them. The vision of tricargo is to support the development of sustainable cities in which people can live a good life without it being at the expense of nature.

  • The EcoMap

    Area: Sustainable Application
    Year: 2017

    Founded as an Oikos project in 2014, the EcoMap’s team has created an interactive map of Hamburg, which shows sustainable restaurants and shops. It covers institutions from the food industry as well as areas like mobility, cosmetics or fashion. The project’s aim is to create and increase the awareness for the availability of sustainable products and to make sustainable consumption more comfortable through the provided information. By now, the Hamburg branch of the EcoMap has seized the initiative to further develop the EcoMap by planning a more sophisticated internet webpage and a mobile application. A common problem for student-based organizations is the unpredictable fluctuation of its volunteering members, which makes it hard to plan long in advance. These circumstances are barriers that might prevent the EcoMap from developing more professionally. Therefore, the objective of the consulting project is to develop ideas for a sustainable business model of the EcoMap enabling the independence ofstudent fluctuation and the improvement of the performance.

  • ElbFaire

    Area: Sustainable Café
    Year: 2017

    The Café ElbFaire is not only a sustainably conscious café and meeting point but also serves as a main economic source for the Ökumenische Forum HafenCity e.V.. As such, the Ökumenische Forum is looking to make the café more economically sustainable through process and sales operation optimizations. The aim of this project is to develop creative and implementable strategies that increase the profitability of the café while preserving the locality as a place of hospitality and sustainability. This may include strategies & analysis in the areas of work processes, cost accounting, scaling measures, and communication.

  • Millerntor Gallery

    Area: Water and Sanitation Projects
    Year: 2017

    The Millerntor Gallery by Viva con Agua Collective organizes art, music and culture festivals with diverse artists and street artists as well as cultural and educational programs that bring communities together to reflect on how we can positively influence the world. During these events artwork is offered for sale to support Viva con Agua Sankt Pauli in their efforts to ensure reasonable access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation needs. However, in many cases, not all of the artwork is sold. Some of these unsold artworks are currently being stored in a warehouse in need of a sales and distribution plan. The stored art is neither known to nor accessible to potential buyers. Therefore, the aim of the consulting project is to develop an implementable concept for the handling, marketing, and sale of this artwork. Among other aspects, the current developments in the digital art market will be considered.

    "Just lovely, professional people... everyone was delighted and thankful by your support."
  • Soziago

    Area: Social Platform
    Year: 2017

    Soziago is an online platform that facilitates information sharing and the assessment of social facilities such as child and youth welfare services, nursing care, and other healthcare services. Soziago not only hopes to create more transparency, but also to improve quality management standards in the social service sector. Soziago therefore also wants to offer value-added assessment and customer survey information services to companies for a small fee. The database will be going live in November, initially for the Hamburg area only. In the roll-out phase, it is important for Soziago to effectively approach their target group(s). In this context, our consultants will be concerned with developing an implementable communication and marketing strategy. Additionally, the financial concept and model for their nationwide roll-out should also be considered and revised.


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