Hansraj College is a well-acclaimed college under Delhi University. It has a venerable legacy, high academic standards, diverse educational programmes, distinguished faculty, illustrious alumni, varied co-curricular activities and modern infrastructure. The college has been constantly succeeding in maintaining its top slot in Delhi University as it was ranked the second-best college in the university by NAAC Grade A+ with CGPA 3.62.

Founded in 2018, 180DC Hansraj is one of the pioneering branches in Delhi University in the field of consulting. We provide socially conscious organizations around the world with very high quality and extremely affordable consulting services. We work with organizations to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to whatever challenges they’re facing.


Our mission is to leverage the talent available in Hansraj College to provide solutions for socially conscious organizations at an affordable cost that are innovative, practical, and sustainable. We believe that our success, as consultancy providers depends on the rightness of the advice we give and our potential for convincing the one in authority.


We are young minds, striving to succeed to become the best, with a vision to draw well structured and practical solutions for our clients. Our services are primarily targeted towards enhancing the working of the social sector and making the latter sustainable in terms of business and technology.

Services Offered:

Our services include, but are not limited to :

  • Financial Modelling & Strategies: Forecasting the financial statements of the client to explain future prospects and growth to potential investors.
  • Marketing & Branding: Formulating marketing and branding strategies to increase the visibility of the client’s organization through online and offline marketing.
  • Collaboration and Investor Pitch Deck: Creating collaboration pitch decks to help client pitch its potential customers while investor pitch decks are used for pitching investors.
  • Fundraising Strategy: Engaging in donor mapping in order to attract funding from corporates (CSR) alongside identifying relevant grants and funds.
  • Competitor Analysis: Analyzing client’s closest competitors through various frameworks such as SWOT Analysis, documenting the findings and drawing relevant inferences and suggestions.
  • Market Research: Market feasibility study is done to determine whether the market has the ability to support client’s expansion (/market entry). Additionally, optimum supply channel is identified from which materials can be obtained for production.
  • Product Launch Strategy: This tangent entails formulating a plan that will ensure user adoption and brand growth. It includes studying the users, positioning of product, promotions etc.

Awards and Recognition

  • Recognized as the “Best New Branch In Asia-Pacific” in 2019.
  • Ranked 2nd under the “Best New Branch In The World” Award in 2019
  • Branch rating- 27.4/30


Do you have what it takes to be a 180 Degrees Consultant? Passion. Talent. Leadership. Commitment to Making a Difference.

Join 180 Degrees Consulting Hansraj if you are willing to:

  • Make a greater difference than simply raising money or awareness.
  • Acquire professional training and networking opportunities with top-tier consultancies.
  • Learn and interact with our board of mentors who are working in leading firms such as Mckinsey & Co., Boston Consulting Group, Ernst and Young, Accenture, etc.
  • Engage in client acquisition and work on real life projects with the your team!

Branch Initiatives:


  • To promote a sustainable lifestyle, “ #180forearth” campaign was initiated this Earth Day. We collaborated with about 14 DC branches across the globe to take up ecologically sound practices.
  • 180DC Hansraj came forward as a sister branch in order to help 180DC Gargi with their pro bono project with Dasra, an NGO that works with nonprofits and socially backward classes to achieve SDGs.
  • Conventus, an annual event, aims to unify the sister branches of 180DC Hansraj. Esteemed speakers are summoned to impart knowledge and share their experiences amongst the consultants.


  • Case Buddies Groups: Formed such groups to familiarize consultants with the frameworks and strategies to solve case problems. They boosted analytical skills and enabled team bonding.
  • Curious Case:  An annual flagship event witnessing participation of 925+ brilliant minds from across the globe every year. After the completion of 3 arduous rounds, the winners receive a cash prize along with other exciting rewards.
  • Training and Development Sessions: Eminent speakers from prestigious institution such as IIM and organizations like Dalberg, Deloitte, EY, etc  organized sessions on a plethora of subject matters such as social impact consulting, acing case studies, research methodology and many others.
  • Bootcamp Courses: A bootcamp on the intermediate level of design was organized to enhance the technical skills. For the coming session, the branch is planning to conduct sessions on extensive consultancy training inclusive of data analytical tools.
  • Opportunities group: Opportunities regarding internships and competitions were posted, allowing the members to leverage the network of their  seniors to fetch promising internships.


  • Selection of the candidate for 180 DC Hansraj will be made after evaluating one’s sensitivity towards social issues and desire to bring an optimistic change in the society.
  • Candidate will also be judged on 3I’s, namely, Imagination, Innovation, and Intelligence.
  • Please keep in mind that our selection process is extremely competitive, with an acceptance ratio close to 1:30.
  • To stay updated check out our Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • The recruitment process for the year 2022-23 will commence from November 23.



If you represent a social enterprise or non-profit and are interested in taking advantage of the consulting services that 180 Degrees Consulting Hansraj can offer you, we encourage you to get in touch with our Client Director, Siddharth Gupta, at [email protected]

He will be able to give you more information about our client engagement period, offer you more details about our services and work with you to understand how best we can help your organization.

Find out more:

For further inquiries, shoot an email to [email protected]


New Delhi, India

Phone: +91 9113552785

Hansraj College


Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Lakshyam NGO

    Area: Child Welfare NGO
    Year: 2020

    Lakshyam NGO came up with the initiative Lakshyam Toy Library- which aims to bring back the essence and innocence of childhood in lives of the underprivileged children. The team assisted the client starting with research on the measurement of impact of the client’s initiative on the beneficiaries i.e. children. The consultants then carried out a comparative study to analyse the performance of other NGOs working on a similar model. This was followed by the preparation of a feedback mechanism and impact assessment from the already ongoing Toy Libraries across different states in India.

  • Atom

    Area: Consumer Application
    Year: 2020

    Atom is a consumer application building a solution to help people build healthy habits. They use game design and behavior science research to enable this. The team undertook a market feasibility study, analyzing and forecasting the market trends of the personal coaching industry in lieu with the services of the app and demographics specified by the client. Then a comprehensive competitor analysis was conducted, documenting the pricing, positioning, trend and deliverables of the existing competition in the US market and recommending appropriate pricing solutions, industry trend and prerequisites. After these the team planned the deliverables to be offered to the client based on observational analysis using secondary research methods.

  • DIDI Initiative

    Area: Education NGO
    Year: 2021

    DIDI initiative is an 8 week mentorship programme for underprivileged school girls in Palwal District,Haryana. The programme is run under the district administration of Palwal and aims at helping girls make informed career decisions and also seeks to provide them with guidance throughout this journey. The team started off with redesigning the mentorship structure for the program and looking for possible associations on relevant topics. This was followed by getting a management structure and funding model in place in order to ensure the sustainability of the programme. The client was also provided with possible collaborations to assist in managing the programme.