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Who are we?

Hindu College is a well-acclaimed college under the University of Delhi, with a venerable legacy of high academic standards, diverse educational programmes, illustrious alumni, and modern infrastructure. The college has constantly succeeded in maintaining its top slot and was ranked the third-best college in India by NIRF (2020), with a rating of 3.6/4.0 by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council of India.

180 Degrees Consulting – Hindu has been established with the mission of putting the best brains of Hindu College to provide affordable consultancy services to socially conscious organizations, fabricating an environment to inspire other students to join the cause, thereby creating a powerful impact in the society. Focus is also laid on student empowerment by providing exhaustive training and professional experience in the field of consultancy.

We aim at shaping the leaders of tomorrow, by inculcating a value-driven approach in assisting change, for better.


Why us?

What if we told you that you had the option to access top-notch research, marketing, and analytical ability by providing little to no monetary consideration in exchange? This is the power that 180 Degrees Consulting, Hindu College can provide to your social organization today. Here is why you should choose us to solve your business problems-

The organization – 180 Degrees is the world’s largest consulting organization for non-profits and social enterprises. We are regularly trained by the global team in research, CRM, and marketing.

The college – The vibrant atmosphere of Hindu College with some of the top talent from across the country has something to offer to each individual. Our aim is to provide the best possible subset of that to your organization.

The team – Our team, trained by MBB consultants, put in their best foot forward for your cause, with only the expectation of fruitful, practical experience in return.

Save 98% of your costs by availing our services. Experience superior quality work at a minimal charge.


Services Offered

We, at 180 DC – Hindu, provide high quality consulting services to deliver unparalleled business solutions with the sole aim of helping you achieve your mission by giving us an opportunity to assist you in function in the best manner possible.

  • Market Research – With an in-depth study of the industry, the market players, market gaps, potential revenue opportunities, and profitability, we help organizations in understanding the industry better.
  • Marketing & Branding – This includes strategy, digital marketing, social media & content creation and through this, we aim to help the organization plan, improve, and evolve its marketing campaigns to expand its outreach. We don’t stop at just that, we also love to provide our clients understanding of customer needs, emotions, and competitive environment to achieve specific goals.
  • Social Impact Evaluation – We help our clients measure and assess the social impact of their projects and initiatives by identifying ways of maximizing their objectives by using the process of analyzing, monitoring, and managing their social impact.
  • Organizational Planning – This service includes the development of the organization’s existing operations, expanding on their social initiatives, helping them transform ideas into sustainable and viable projects along with covering aspects like process management, procurement, supply chain management, and outsourcing to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Operations Optimization – We help our clients in developing a holistic approach leveraging technology, staffing solutions, and innovative cost-minimizing processes to increase productivity and efficiency.


Join Us

If you are interested in the field of consultancy, motivated and zealous to bring about some positive changes around, join us!

Apply to 180DC Hindu to-

  1. Gain experience and mentorship in a professional environment
  2. Connect with future leaders of social impact organization
  3. Work with real-time problems and provide solutions
  4. Improve research and data analysis skills
  5. Create IMPACT

There’s an endless list of projects that we are able to succor – write to us at [email protected] for more.




Sudhir Bose Marg, Hindu College, University Enclave, Delhi, 110007

Phone: +91 9996526133

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