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With operations in 35 different countries, 180 Degrees Consulting is a leading provider of affordable, high quality consulting services worldwide. Its primary aim is to make a lasting impact on socially conscious organizations, be it social enterprises or non-governmental organizations.

Our purpose is to make a social impact by enabling students from the University of Hong Kong to provide advice to socially-oriented organizations to help them solve their biggest challenges. Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of other socially conscious organizations in Hong Kong to achieve high impact social outcomes through the development of innovative, practical and sustainable solutions.

Regular updates are posted on our LinkedIn and Instagram pages. If you have enquiries please leave us an email at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects do we take?

Every semester our branch undertakes a diverse range of projects including areas of marketing, business strategy, human resources management and finance.

Do I need to be in the business faculty to apply?

Definitely not. Although some projects may require business knowledge, many aspects of a consulting project do not. 180DC HKU Team believes that a group of students from diverse backgrounds is essential for a functional and versatile consulting team. We, therefore, encourage students from all faculties to apply.

Should I still apply if I do not have consulting experience?

Yes. Although we do consider previous consulting experience an advantage, a significant proportion of our current team joined with no prior consulting background. We have a network of dedicated University teachers and professional mentors to improve all our member’s consulting abilities. What is more important to us is an inquisitive mind, hard work and a willingness to learn.

What training does 180 Degrees Consulting provide?

180DC as an organization provides a wealth of training materials standardized across all branches to make training simple and effective. Our partnerships with University professors and professional mentors also provides a valuable support network.




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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • HELP for Domestic Workers

    Area: Hong Kong
    Year: 2020

    HELP for Domestic Workers is a non-profit organization that offers legal assistance to migrant workers in Hong Kong. The project aims to address multiple issues that HELP is concerned with and offer suggestions to facilitate sustainable development in making strategic moves. A detailed analysis of the donor landscape and strategies to increase the donor base and enhance donor retention was provided. Consultants also offered recommendations on how to enhance synergy between multiple marketing channels of HELP. They also suggested methods to recruit manpower and best utilize resources given HELP's wide scope of work. The project also evaluated the benefits and costs of expanding to serve new targets, and the steps necessary for HELP to move forward in the long run.

    "The project represented an external validation of the current thinking of the Board and included some recommendations regarding future areas of focus - for example adopting a cause donation approach."

    Likeliness to implement the recommendations: 5/5
  • Walk DVRC

    Area: Hong Kong
    Year: 2020

    Walk DVRC is facing an impasse in which it needs to overcome: to gain the approval of relevant government departments, and subsequently that of the Hong Kong District Council (DC) in pursuit of escalating the Walk DVRC initiative closer towards being on the Legislative Council's (LegCo) agenda. Currently, the organization faces a host of challenges, especially in the current economic and future post-Covid-19 operating environment. With potential areas of improvement in the initiatives' current priorities, to brand messaging, as well as its communication structure with the government and other key decision makers, it is our view that now is the time to act towards making small, but feasible and potentially impactful changes to the organization's current operations. This report outlines a concrete plan of action to achieve project goals set forth during the organization's engagement with 180 Degrees Consulting - Hong Kong Branch. The strategy and its composite recommendations are aimed at helping Walk DVRC achieve its priorities of accelerating the initiative past and forward from the DC pre-approval stage, as well as maintaining operational feasibility by supporting efforts to bolster the organization's current funding and donorship position.

    "Walk DVRC was most satisfied with the interesting and fresh perspectives that our consultants brought to the project."

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