Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting, H.R. College!


180 Degrees Consulting, H.R. College, founded in February 2021 is the first branch in Maharashtra to become a part of the world’s largest student consultancy. It is an organization that was established with the sole intent to cater to the needs of socially aware global organizations by providing excellent quality and most affordable consulting services. 

We aim to put together the exceptional minds of the college to help social organizations develop creative, feasible, and practical ways to resolve all the difficulties encountered by our clients.



Our mission is to assemble the most proficient team in order to provide innovative solutions that suit the organization’s needs and help them reach great heights. Not only that, but we also strive to induce a holistic hands-on experience for our student consultants.


Our primary goal is to positively contribute towards augmenting the social sector sustainably as well as we work with the foresight of benefiting everyone involved in the work of consulting. 

Services we offer:

With the most efficient and enthusiastic student-consultants from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, we know that each organization faces unique and specific obstacles, which is why we focus on tailoring our solutions to the individual needs of our clients. Hence our services include, but are not limited to:


    • Market Research: A market feasibility study is done to determine whether the market has the ability to support the client’s expansion or market entry into various national and international.
    • Branding & PR: Formulating marketing, PR, and branding strategies to increase the visibility of the client’s organization through diverse online and offline marketing techniques.
    • Collaboration and Investor Pitch Deck: Creating collaboration pitch decks to help clients pitch their potential customers while investor pitch decks are used for pitching investors.
    • Strategizing: Working with the clients on plans and strategies in order to achieve their short-term & long-term goals.
    • Product Launch Strategy: This tangent entails formulating a plan that will ensure user adoption and brand growth. It includes studying the users, analyzing the client’s closest competitors, positioning of products, promotions, etc.


Why are we called 180 Degrees? It’s because we work to turn good organizations into great organizations, challenges into opportunities, ideas into reality. We’re focused on positive transformation. Transforming organizations, and – in turn – transforming lives.

– Nat Ware (Founder & CEO)


For Students:

Here is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions during our consultant recruitment process answered for you from students across the globe. Have a look! 


  1. Does a 180 DC Consultant have any prior experience?



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3. What were the major takeaways of 180 DC Consultants?



For Clients:

This is what some of the clients of 180 DC have to say about their experience with the world’s largest student-run consultancy.




Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

H.R. College of Commerce and Economics


Sample of Consulting Projects

  • CU

    Area: Delhi
    Year: 2021

    CU is an Indian startup venture, attempting to
    manoeuvre in the field of geo-social online
    connecting, and collaborating.

    We developed a great partnership with 180DC H.R. College, Mumbai. Their dedication, advice and strategies have helped us steer and conceptualise our idea in the anticipated direction. Their attention to details and other specifics was par excellence. This partnership has really helped us to take our first step towards bringing our idea to life! Would definitely recommend!

    -Mr Apoorv Kumar
    Founder, CU