We believe in a sustainable world where economics and environment are no longer separated.

Our mission is to accelerate the social impact and overall performance of sustainable organizations, and train current talents to become future leaders.

We are a team of students from various sectors (MINT, BWL, Non-Profit, …). We analyze, provide insight and develop ample opportunities for our partners, clients and members.

Why you should join as a consultant

The question is: Why shouldn’t you? We are a community of talented students that stretches across the globe (currently operating from seven different countries). You will not only get the chance to develop your individual skills in our team with people who share the same values as you. You have the chance to continuously develop your professional abilities through various workshops, expert coaching and direct project experiences.

What a project cycle with us looks like

Our consultancy projects last usually one semester. After a successful start and training, you will start your career as consultant. You will work with a team of 3-5 people on a real live project with organizations thriving for sustainability. Example projects are marketing strategies, business development and operations analysis, market segmentation, … Throughout this time, you will be supported by the executive team and offered workshops on building your skills as well as career (case study workshops, consulting days, networking events). Furthermore, you will be part of a Reward and Recognition campaign where you can get gifts (restaurants coupons, sustainable product, literature, …) as a result of your engagement in 180DC IBK. After a successful project and some workshops, you can decide to join the executive team or become an 180DC IBK Alumni.



First step is the online application: submit your CV and fill out our application form. Please try to keep your answers short and simple – there is no need for an essay. As a second step, you will be invited to our recruiting days. We will introduce our organization before you will participate in a group and an individual case. After we have assessed the performance and fit of all applicants, we will contact you about your acceptance in the third step.


Become a member/consultant in the biggest students’ consulting network worldwide.
Combine your theoretical skills in real life cases and contribute to a lasting impact.

You can apply here until 01.04.2023!



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Questions? Please send an email to sander.wouters@180dc.org or contact us via Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn.




Do I need to be in a business faculty?
Our consultants have various academic backgrounds from different universities, and we are convinced that this is not only highly beneficial for our clients, but also for our student consultants and 180DC network. Although some projects may require business knowledge, many aspects of a consulting project do not. The 180DC Innsbruck team believes that a group of students from diverse backgrounds is essential for a functional and versatile consulting team. We, therefore, encourage students from all faculties to apply.

Can I apply if I am an exchange student and only in Innsbruck for one semester?

After a successful application, will I need to complete a “Fellow-Phase”?
No! 180DC Innsbruck – in opposite to other student consultancies in Innsbruck – does not have a “Fellow-Phase”. Once you have convinced us at our recruiting days, you are part of a team that works together on a project with one of our clients.

Can I apply, although I am still completing my bachelor’s?
Of course! 180DC is a network to provide you with experience and to grow your skills.

Can I apply without any consulting experience?
Yes. Although we do consider previous consulting experience an advantage, a significant proportion of our current team joined with no prior consulting background. What is more important to us is an inquisitive mind, hard work and a willingness to learn.

How many hours will I have to invest in my 180DC project per week?
As a consultant 2-8 hours per week, as a team leader 8-10 hours. We believe in flexibility – there is only one monthly mandatory meeting, which will be recording, if you are not present. All our democratic business decisions can be voted for over a certain period of time. Your engagement can always be adapted to your needs.

How is COVID-19 affemcinnsbruck@180dc.orgcting your operations?
Not at all. We started our hybrid and kept it this way. Our home is Innsbruck, but we are currently contributing from seven different countries. If you are located in Innsbruck, you will also have the possibility to meet with your fellow 180DC IBK members, your client, and your mentor in person.

For further questions, please send an email to sander.wouters@180dc.org or contact us via Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn.


Universitätsstraße, 6020 Innsbruck


6020 Innsbruck

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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Sarah Madertoner

    Area: Consulting
    Year: 2021

    Project: Market Strategy Impact Hub Tirol

    "Working for 180 Degrees Consulting has given me the opportunity to work on interesting projects and get to know a side of business I wouldn't have seen at university. I've really enjoyed meeting many motivated and talented people and working in an environment where we can all grow and learn from each other."
  • Viktoria Szilagyi

    Area: Marketing
    Year: 2021

    Marketing Consultant, current Head of Marketing

    "The 180DC Innsbruck family encouraged me to take part in many interesting projects. I've learned how to apply the knowledge I gained at university, as well as how to use different tools when it comes to marketing. I am grateful for the encouraging team, and I am looking forward to the next challenges together."





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