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Jesus and Mary College (JMC) is a premier institution affiliated to the University of Delhi. Established by the Congregation of Jesus and Mary in 1968, the college has grown in stature over the years and remains one of the most prestigious institutions in the country.

JMC was awarded an ‘A’ Grade in the first cycle of accreditation by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The institution has produced students with unlimited potential, who possess creative and inquisitive minds and have an innate passion to do their fair share for the world. JMC’s continuous focus on instilling leadership skills while promoting the importance of social responsibility aligns with the values of 180 Degrees Consulting, making it an institution capable of operating its own 180DC branch.

 ∏  Our Mission

180DC provides a platform for university students, who possess untapped capabilities, to cater to the unmet needs of socially conscious organisations. Through this student-led initiative, 180DC JMC aspires to create social impact while simultaneously fostering students in their journey to gain a holistic understanding of the consultancy world.

 ∏  Our Vision

Our vision is to create an inclusive, goal-driven branch with aspiring consultants that uphold responsibility, are provided professional guidance and are empowered to work for the society.

 ∏  Services Offered

i. Revenue Generation: Strategic and corporate partnerships/sponsorships, fundraising strategy, maximizing pay-to-use services, profitable events strategy, and grant selection.

ii. Marketing & Engagement: Social impact measurement, website and user experience design, social media strategy, and customer analytics.

iii. Expansion Strategy: Go-to-market strategy for new products and services, market expansion, and membership base growth.

iv. Marketing Strategy: Competitor analysis, volunteer acquisition and retention programs, funding models, and data collection.

v. Operational Efficiency: Supply chain strategy, cost reduction, business model transformation, and process optimization.


Jesus and Mary College, Bapu Dham, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

Phone: +91 88266 04280

Jesus & Mary College

Delhi 110021

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