Welcome to 180 Degrees King’s College London!

Founded in April 2015, the King’s College London branch of 180 Degrees Consulting aims to provide students with the opportunity to work on consulting projects that will have a real impact on non-profit organisations and social enterprises. The branch attracts the most talented students from King’s College London and delivers meaningful research and quality recommendations to enhance social impact.

With a team of 30+ consultants from various diverse backgrounds, 180DC KCL offers unparalleled business solutions with the primary aim of helping you achieve your mission by giving us an opportunity to assist you in the best manner.




We are looking for highly motivated and achieving students from King’s College London to join us. In order to fulfil our criteria all potential consultants must be able to:

  • Engage and communicate in a professional manner
  • Critically evaluate problems to find potential solutions
  • Work effectively in a dynamic team environment
  • Have a demonstrated interest in positive social impact for the community

Positions to join our consulting team are highly competitive, and we encourage all new recruits to apply for the Consultant position. Candidates will go through an initial screening followed by an interview.

In 2022 we will be running 8 projects starting in Mid-October 2022 and ending in Late March 2023; Keep a look out on this page in the next few months to see when applications open!

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King’s College London (KCL)

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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • The Beyond Food Foundation

    Area: UK
    Year: 2020

    The ME&U project was initiated by Simon Boyle, the founder of the Beyond Food Foundation. The Beyond Food Foundation is a charity devoted to offer homeless people hospitality training to get them off the streets. Simon’s idea behind ME&U is to use his experience gained with Beyond Food to scale his social impact with ME&U as a stand-alone brand targeting especially younger people at the risk of homelessness. Our task as consulting team is now to develop the right business model for ME&U focusing on a partner recommendation s and funding optimization.

    What was 180DC’s aims with working with this company?

    -Provide the Beyond Food Foundation with a strategy of how to establish a standalone brand called ME&U to focus on younger individuals.
    -Franchise model recommendation, market sizing recommendations and funding optimization.

    Our achieved outcome:

    The 180 DC team developed a business model strategy for ME&U, and furthermore conducted a partnership recommendation and fundraising optimization
  • SolidariTee

    Area: UK
    Year: 2020

    In order to achieve their goals of raising awareness about the refugee crisis as well as raise funds to support NGOs providing legal aid for refugees, SolidariTee seeks support in generating greater revenue from t-shirt sales as well as increasing the noticeability of their cause. As such, this diverse project entails 3 strands of work - revenue maximisation from t-shirt sales, marketing and brand strategy, as well as a fundraising optimization.

    What was 180DC’s aims with working with this company?

    -Revenue maximisation: To provide recommendations to improve both online t-shirt sales via their website, and offline t-shirt sales via their campus-based student activists
    -Brand & Marketing Strategy: To provide marketing strategies to increase their visibility for greater brand recognition
    -Fundraising optimisation: To provide recommendations on how current fundraising efforts can be improved for greater effectiveness

    Our achieved outcome:

    All recommendations were met with praise from the client; the team tailored it to their needs and put the client at the heart of the project.
    •Discuss findings with client in hourlong presentation. The team presented exceptionally well and worked in tandem with one another
    •Write up recommendations in 45-page report. All our analysis and decisions behind our recommendations were included, which enabled us to create a detailed image of our journey as a consulting team.
  • PiXL International

    Area: International
    Year: 2020

    PiXL is an international educational charity focused on improving the life chances of young people through the advancement of education. They operate in a range of countries from Bangladesh to Zambia. 180 degrees is working with them to facilitate a new digital app that will allow schools to access materials at any time therefore increasing accessibility to resources. The consulting team are excited to start working on the project and have already come up with some fantastic work.⁣

    Looking forward PiXL is trying to promote a system that maintains connections with schools on the program even when the PiXL delivery team returns home. They are currently exploring digital marketing streams and also the development of an app. PiXL is looking to our student consultants to help them navigate the digital world to ensure that their app and digital marketing are the most effective they can be such that they can continue sparking change around the

    What was 180DC’s aims with working with this company?

    - To navigate the digital world and ensure the app and our digital marketing strategies are effective to spark change.

    - Producing an impact assessment
    - Producing a case for support
    - Research for available grants that the organisation can apply for.

Branch Leadership Team