Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting, Kirori Mal!

180 Degrees Consulting at Kirori Mal College was started with the intent of putting together the brightest minds of the college to offer low-cost consulting services to socially responsible organizations while also seeking to provide students with the opportunity to develop their skills in consulting and cultivate a generation of future leaders with a passion for social impact.


Our mission is to strengthen the ability of socially conscious organizations to achieve high-impact results through the development of innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions.


We aim to bring together a competent team of students, mentors, and advisors to design customized solutions for our clients and sponsors, thereby, connecting students’ untapped capabilities with the unmet needs of nonprofits and startups.

  Our Approach

Projects undertaken by the society are managed by a team of consultants which is led by a project leader. The problem at focus is closely analyzed and the team works hand in hand with the organization to strategically provide the best feasible solutions to our clients. Regular follow-ups and feedback help us improve our quality of services and thus build a long-term relationship with the client.

  Our Services

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT– Providing users with rapid access to information, helping them in making better-informed, strategic, and conscious decisions.

PRIMARY AND SECONDARY RESEARCH– Conduct specialized and targeted research at both primary and secondary levels to help our clients meet industry trends and capture a larger market share.

FUNDRAISING– Harness venture capitalist database, tap prospective donors, help ascertain the most befitting pricing strategy and check eligibility for certain government and institutional grants to help raise funds for nonprofit organizations.

CSR PITCH DEVELOPMENT Assist our clientele in developing their CSR pitch to tap into the CSR reserves funds from MNCs/big firms.

INVESTOR PITCH DECK– Grasp the fundamentals and nuances of your business and present them in an impactful manner when looking to raise money. Aid entrepreneurs in redesigning their existing pitches to attract more investors.

MARKETING & BRANDING STRATEGY– Conduct thorough research and tap a specific market. Use Search Engine Optimisation to help our clients revamp their websites and reform their social media strategies.

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS– Conduct a thorough and strategic analysis of your competitors, thus enabling organizations to identify potential opportunities and outperform their competitors.

PRODUCT FEASIBILITY STUDY– Provide predictive analytics to guide the next steps for marketing, sales, and product development and make your product successful in the market.

  Why us?

An organization is best known for the quality of work delivered by it and this is what the KMC team of 180 Degrees Consulting aims to achieve. With a team of 30+ dedicated and motivated consultants, we wish to contribute to a cause and help non-profit organizations, charities and other social enterprises all around the globe to solve the problem that they face in their path to bringing about a positive change in the society. 


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