Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting- KUSOM (Kathmandu University School of Management). We focus on the transformation of organizations that add value to the society. We offer high quality and affordable consulting services with the right combination of expertise, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities of our consultants.

We hope to provide metamorphic experiences for KUSOM undergraduate students by creating an opportunity to gain real-world experience, professional training and the opportunity to make a difference by helping organizations increase their social impact.

We are excited to hear from social organizations who are interested in becoming our client and KUSOM students interested in becoming 180 Degree Consulting consultants.



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Kathmandu University: School of Management

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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Bookmandu

    Area: Thulobharyang,Swoyambhu
    Year: 2016

    Bookmandu Nepal is a non-government organization with the aim to make a functioning network of donors and receivers of books stored idly in homes. The task of 180 Degrees Consulting - KUSOM was to create an organizational policy, the suggested organizational structure from a perspective of future orientation for Bookmandu Nepal in order to smoothen the functioning of the organization and establish and maintain a strong presence in the communities that it serves. It has formulated and suggested Organizational Policy and an organizational structure as per the assumption on the growth of Bookmandu Nepal.

    180 DC- KUSOM has formulated the service management system, service delivery system, financial management process, record management system along with continuous improvement procedures for the organization.
    Through this task of 180 Degrees Consulting - KUSOM, the members expect increase in number of volunteers, members, projects etc. in Bookmandu, Nepal. Also, an increase in clarity about organization’s policy on different activities the members of the organization need to perform would translate to the success of this project.
  • Idea Studio

    Area: Balkumari, Lalitpur
    Year: 2016

    Idea Studio is a non-profit “business incubation center” which selects entrepreneurs from different parts of Nepal, and from different industries and provide with management knowledge and connect them with the bankers and investors for additional funding.

    The members of 180 were assigned to advise the participants regarding business related matters and help the participants in preparing business plans.

    Through 180 DC- KUSOM the participants found the business planning process quite facilitative and useful.
  • Creative Hands of Deaf Women(CHDW)

    Area: Kumaripati, Laltpur
    Year: 2017

    Creative Hands of Deaf Women is non-profit organization, organized by seven women, among them four of them are deaf and three are hearing. Their mission is to protect and promote the deaf women’s linguistic rights in Nepal. They are involved in teaching them sign language and giving them training in different skills so that they can engage in some income generating activities and become self-dependent. There were series of task to be completed by 180 DC- KUSOM. The members were assigned to prepare sample contact, proposal, compensation pattern for their employees and other core members along with work-flow chart of their ongoing activity. The work has been designed and submitted as for the future growth of CHDW.

    180 DC-KUSOM has prepared a sample of contract to be used by CHDW for their clients themselves. Similarly, the members of 180 also prepared a sample proposal for the organization to attract more donors. The members formulated a job-description for the members of CHDW, work-flow charts along with a draft of compensation to be provided to their employees as per the Nepalese Law.
    Through this tasks, 180 DC-KUSOM expects a smooth work-flow and efficient management in CHDW. Additionally, more help from donors, volunteers and projects in the organization. Most of all, we anticipate clarity and precision of work activity by all the members of CHDW.
  • WaterforEveryone

    Area: Kalanki, Kathmandu
    Year: 2017

    WaterforEveryone is a social and entrepreneurial platform to connect, learn, share experiences and resources, identify new partners and mobilize resources. Since the company is a startup company, 180 dc team were assigned to draft a constitution for the company and help in their registration process.

    180 dc-KUSOM had prepared a constitution format for the company as per their requirements. Similarly, the members also supported the company in their decision-making process of registering the company as a non-profit organization or Profit not sharing organization thoroughly.
    Through these tasks, we expect that the company clears its dilemma about its registration process, have smooth commencement and contribute to more initiatives in the future.


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