Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting Lebanon American University! We aim to provide university students with genuine consulting experiences in order to impact non-profits, and achieve substantial positive social impact within Lebanon. Our vision is that, one day, every NGO in Lebanon will be able to effectively and efficiently serve the cause it addresses in a sustainable manner!


Lebanese American University (LAU), West Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

Lebanese American University (LAU)


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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • SOS Children's Villages

    Area: Lebanon
    Year: 2016

    We performed a Sustainability Study and a Salary Scaling Analysis Report.

    We created a salary index based on a sample collected by our team from other NGO's in order to base their decisions in increasing/decreasing the salaries of their employees across different departments and different years of experience.

    Moreover, we performed a Sustainability Study based on statistical, fundamental, and financial analysis.