Welcome to 180DC at LAU!

About Us

We are a group of high-achieving, creative LAU students. We create social impact by providing pro-bono consulting services for socially conscious organizations.

Our Mission

Through our club, we aim make an impact that matters. With each client, we are determined to transform their organization and help them make our community a better place.

Our Work

To date, we have taken on a total of 21 projects. For each project, we carefully form a diverse team of students based on the client’s needs. Take a peak below at some of our consulting projects!


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Byblos, Lebanon

Phone: +96181435329

Lebanese American University (LAU)


Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Kunhadi

    Area: Lebanon
    Year: 2021

    Fundraising & Financial Strategies, Ideas for Activities & Plan of Action

    "[180 Degrees Consulting] made it easier to achieve our aims."
  • Sesobel

    Area: Lebanon
    Year: 2021

    Income Stream Evaluation, Fundraising, Sales Strategy & Market Analysis, Marketing Campaign

    "Very cooperative, friendly and responsive team. It was a very good experience."
  • Brave Heart

    Area: Lebanon
    Year: 2022

    Expansion Analysis, E-Commerce Plan, Marketing Strategy

    "The experience was smooth and professional. The presentations were clear and the students had good knowledge of the information."
  • Bassma

    Area: Lebanon
    Year: 2022

    Marketing & Awareness Strategy, Fundraising, Organizational Restructuring

    "We are very thankful and grateful for the beautiful teamwork [and] presentation."
  • Nusaned

    Area: Lebanon
    Year: 2021

    Human Resource Management, Fundraising & Financial Strategies

    "The team put all their effort[s] to really understand Nusaned, our programs, [and] our sustainable goals. They were able to tailor these goals by coming up with smart sustainable funding strategies to help us maintain our mission especially in these tough times."
  • Tri-Pulley

    Area: Lebanon
    Year: 2022

    Fundraising, Marketing Strategy, Research into Tax on International Donations

    "The meetings with the team members who worked with us were such a boost! [...] It was a pleasure to have known them and their recommendations in certain areas were implemented within our initiative."