Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting Lebanese American University! (http://www.lau.edu.lb)

We are a group of talented students of diverse backgrounds possessing a special interest in consulting and seeking a new form of participation in change.  Our new branch holds very high standards in terms of creating an impact. We look forward to providing high-quality consulting services for specifically non-profits.

Why LAU:

Student body counts more than 8,000 talented students, including more than 70 different nationalities spread across two campuses. More importantly, LAU is characterized by its strong focus on student life and professional clubs. We plan on taking advantage of LAU’s huge network of NGOs it cooperates with annually. Thus, it is the perfect place to introduce a socially minded consulting organization, combining students’ consulting and volunteering mindsets.

Our Upcoming Plans:

Our coming plans include launching recruitment for LAU students. In turn, we will start training with the assistance of mentors and experienced consultants. Then, we will evaluate students based on knowledge given to them through the workshops. Throughout this process, communication with different clients is initiated which thereby allows us to embark on our first project. Further, we are planning on widening our horizon by targeting projects from different fields mainly concerning non-profits who cannot afford procuring consulting services.


Jbeil, Lebanon

Lebanese American University (LAU)


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