180 Degrees Consulting Leuven will start its first operational year in September 2019, finally bringing the most established student consultancy worldwide to the largest university in Belgium. 

We aim to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to the challenges non-profits in the area are facing. To this end, we leverage the untapped capabilities of our university students in order to assist socially conscious organizations in reaching their full potential. 

At the same time, we offer our consultants extensive professional and personal development opportunities, through training from top tier consultancies and high-achieving companies. We intend to shape a generation of young professionals that are both conscious about the difficult circumstances people worldwide are facing and passionate about improving them.  

Join our team 

By joining our team you gain hands-on experience in a real-life consulting project, all while strengthening your professional skill set and expanding your personal network with like-minded and impactful peers. 

What do you need to be successful 180DC consultant? 

  • You are team-oriented. 
  • You demonstrate analytical skills and problem-solving ability. 
  • You show leadership capabilities. 
  • You have a proactive attitude and are willing to take initiative. 

But the most important one? You are committed to building a better tomorrow. 

We are looking for consultants as well as one project leader per project. A project leader’s role is to guide his/her 4 to 5 consultants during the project and act as the link between the consultants, the non-profit and the 180DC board. 

Apply now by clicking on the link below and filling in the form to become part of our ambitious and dynamic team.



Become our client 

Do you represent a socially conscious organization or non-profit and would you like to employ the free consulting services of 180 Degrees Consulting to enhance your impact? We strongly encourage you to reach out to our consulting director,  Aleidis Derynck, via aderynck@180dc.org.  

She will gladly give you more information on what 180 Degrees Consulting Leuven can offer you or set up a meeting to discuss how we can make a difference to your organization. We can’t wait to meet you. 

Support us as partner 

The support of partners is vital to the growth of our branch. Next to helping us carry the operational costs of the services we provide, their wide networks and in-depth expertise are indispensable to the quality of our recommendations. In return, our partners can benefit from a wide range of marketing efforts aimed at young talent and direct contact with our high potential members. 

Would you like to empower our success? Please express your interest by contacting our President Margot Meurrens, via mmeurrens@180dc.org for more information on partnership opportunities. 



Parkstraat 5A, 3000 Leuven, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium

Phone: +32478695218

apply to Become a Consultant

To apply to become a 180 Degrees Consultant, please click the button below, then select your branch and complete the form.

Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Transplantoux

    Area: Financial sustainability
    Year: 2019

    Transplantoux’s challenge lies in finding recurrent revenue streams. They want to know which subventions they can apply for and which companies they should contact in order to build long-term sponsoring relationships.

  • Horizon Ethical Projects

    Area: Operations + Strategy
    Year: 2019

    The aim of this project is to professionalise Horizon Ethical Projects. This can be done by clearly defining their Business Model and providing a suited Customer Relationship Management system that they can use to manage the SMEs they support.