Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting  Ljubljana!


We are a group of youngsters – each with a different story to tell, but united by a common purpose to help organizations by providing them with sustainable solutions with maximal social impact.

Our Story

While being one of the youngest branches of 180 Degrees Consulting,
we are determined to evolve and establish the most desirable organization
with highest quality services in Ljubljana for students to join.

Moreover, we aim beyond having the top class students, in fact we want to create
a community of socially conscious young minds, where each and every student
has a chance to contribute his or her knowledge to members, projects or society.

Do you want to gain valuable work-related experience?
Are you interested in taking a step towards creating solutions with social impact?
Do you want to pursue a career in consulting?

Applications are now open – apply here!

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Vojkova cesta 63, Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia



Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Zavod Preprosto Montessori

    Area: Education
    Year: 2018

    We worked with Preprosto Montessori on a very interesting project, first of that kind ever in Slovenia. It was a pilot project, financed with help of European funds. The main aim of the project was to prepare the (financial) foundation for self-sustainable park, which will be used as a kindergarten, but in the summer it will be changed into summer camp for kids. Park will encourage the kids to express their creativity, take care of the animals, grow their own food and realize the importance of self sustainability.

    "Working with experts from 180 Degrees consulting Ljubljana was a great opportunity for us. The team of 180 Degrees consulting Ljubljana gave us guidance, recommendations and created a financial plan on a high level. With their help, we successfully started our new branch called Inclusion park. Because of their passion and profession, we highly recommend everyone who is starting the business to cooperate with 180 Degrees consulting Ljubljana." - Ožbe Šteblaj, Preprosto montessori
  • Ekologi brez meja

    Area: Environment
    Year: 2018

    Društvo Ekologi brez meja (Ecologists without Borders) is a Slovenian non-profit, founded in 2009 and one of the leading Slovenian NGOs. In 2018 they organized event "Očistimo Slovenijo" for the third time. The goal of this event is that people go out, join the action and clean up the local enviroment. Since everything is based on a voluntary work, they are trying to raise the funds from local companies and need help, which strategy is going to be the most optimal to receive as much as possible.

    "A group of enthusiastic students contacted us soon after the announcement of the new volunteer project »Očistimo Slovenijo 2018«, which usually means that they are prepared to start working seriously, eventhough the project was not clearly defined yet. The keys of success at such big projects with very limited financial funds are motivation and good will, which 180 Degrees Consulting Ljubljana team definitely possesses. Even though there was not enough time all together to address more impactful activities, we are looking forward to collaborate with them in the future, since we have built a very pleasant business relationship." - Urša Zgojznik, Ekologi brez meja
  • Institute IRNAS Rače

    Area: Biotechnology
    Year: 2017

    The Institute Irnas is developing 3D bioprinters for printing bio materials. With this technology they are able to print human/animal organs, bones, skin and other tissues, eventually even food. Our mission was to consult them on how to enter the market and become self sufficient.

    "Working with 180 Degrees Consulting Ljubljana was a very positive experience throughout. A very competent and pleasant team of ambitious students have helped us structure our plans, evaluate our ideas and factor out the important steps at the beginning stages of our project. If you are questioning your thinking on how to plan your business or take your project a step further, we highly recommend you to start with 180 Degrees Consulting." - Luka Banovic, Institute IRNAS


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