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We are proud to be the northernmost branch of 180 Degrees Consulting, we officially got approved in September 2014. We are a student driven, non-profit organization working for achieving a high social impact in the Luleå region.

We offer the students at Luleå University of Technology the unique chance to make a difference by giving them the opportunity to work as consultants for non-profit organizations. The consultants will be working together in arranged teams and will be given the opportunity to solve a significant case that will matter. Their mission is to provide qualitative, innovative and sustainable solutions in order to create high social impact.

Three reasons why you should become a consultant:

  1. Work with real cases and get real experience.
  2. Experience being a consultant and get professional training.
  3. Make a significant difference by improving the effectiveness of non-profit organizations.

If you are a student at Luleå University and interested in becoming a consultant, don’t miss this opportunity to make a change.

Our Mission


Join us as a student consultant

Becoming a student consultant means dedicating your time and professional skills to social projects, for the period of one school semester from February to May. Together with other student consultants, you will be working on a real-life project for a NGO or social enterprise. The projects vary, but previous students consultants have worked on the development of e.g. business development plans, fundraising strategies, market research and marketing/communication strategies.

Who are we looking for?

We encourage diversity and welcome students with different study backgrounds to apply for the student consultant positions. We look for talented team players; for dedicated individuals, who are proactive and eager to learn. We expect you to have a professional, proactive attitude and a desire to contribute to social projects. Apart from these qualities, we expect you to be able to dedicate a considerable amount of time to the assigned project.

Why join?

Joining 180DC as a student consultant is a great way of getting relevant work- and consulting experience, while expanding your professional network. Moreover, you will also expand your social network by meeting like-minded students from different countries, study backgrounds and universities. Lastly, we have established strong partnerships consultancies such as Knowit, who will provide you with the best training possible for your role as student consultant and beyond.


Please contact the branch leadership team for more information.


Universitetsområdet, Porsön, 971 87 Luleå, Sweden

Luleå University of Technology


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