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We are Sweden’s Future Sustainability Leaders

180 Degrees Consulting is the largest student consultancy in the world. We enable students to gain consulting experience alongside their studies. The projects are based on social impact, handed out by companies rooted in sustainability.

The Lund chapter includes a dynamic and high-performing environment as Lund University is one of the ‘top 100’ universities worldwide. Join us as a consultant, team leader, or even as a board member.

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Become a Consultant at 180DC Lund

Each semester, 180DC Lund is looking for motivated students from all study disciplines at Lund University. Students who would like to get professional experience on their CV while creating a real social impact should apply as student consultants. For 10 weeks, you will work an average of eight hours per week on actual company problems based on sustainability.

The job market is more demanding from graduates than ever, wishing for extracurricular experience, professional experience, interpersonal skills, and a social impact mindset. Being a consultant at 180DC Lund will give you the opportunity to gain first-hand consulting experience. You will develop professional skills for the future by working in team settings.

Get a professional headstart and socialize with other students as you become a member of the world’s largest student consultancy!

180DC Lund

Weekly Team Meetings | You will become part of a team consisting of five consultants | Each team has a project leader, something you can apply for directly as well | Each week, you will meet with your team to discuss project direction and work on the project with your team.

Project Work | You will work on a real project for social impact companies that you find relevant | Over 10 weeks, you will create a project scope and have deliverables set out with specific deadlines.

Client Meetings | You will meet with your client throughout the project cycle, to understand the company’s situation, the client’s needs, and the overall expectations.

Mentor Meetings | You will meet with an external mentor, a person who already works in a relevant industry | This professional will offer project guidance and overall support.

Network | You will get the chance to network with top consulting firms who will offer free workshops through the project cycles | Within your team, you will get the chance to socialize and create professional and fun relationships for life!

The fall application round opens in September, the spring round opens in January. At any time, if you are interested or if you have any questions, reach out to us on LinkedIn.

Become a Board Member at 180DC Lund

If you want leadership skills in addition to sustainability experience on your CV before graduating, you can apply as a board member at 180DC Lund. We have positions for:

Marketing Director | Create and execute online and offline strategies for the next consultant acquisition period(s) | Manage social channels and (re)design B2B (content) strategies for the consulting directors.

Consulting Director | 180DC’s raison d’être: Find clients that are grounded on environmental/social impact values | Set up meetings to discuss and break down the client’s problem scope with the consultants | Point-of-contact for team leaders while guiding the consultants through their projects.

Partnership Director | Build and maintain relationships with former, current, and future clients | Manage the overall ecosystem of 180DC Lund including any external partners.

Human Resources Director | Manage and plan social events and networking events (e.g. EY workshops) | Point-of-contact for potential consultants, current consultants, and other board members | Plan, organize and conduct interviews with future consultants.

180DC Lund

Applications are now open. They opened up again and you can apply by using the link here to become our future board member! Stay on the lookout for more information about the application process on our social media accounts!


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