The Macquarie University branch of 180 Degrees Consulting provides students with the opportunity to work on consulting projects for non-profit organisations. Our mission is to strengthen the social impact of these organisations through innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions.

Working in teams, our consultants spend the semester analysing and preparing quality recommendations that address specific challenges faced by the client organisation. Our teams receive training in consulting methodology and guidance throughout the semester.

We take applications during the first week of sessions one and two, and encourage students from all disciplines to apply.

Applications for Session 2, 2019 are now open! Please follow to submit your application.

Applications will close at 11:59PM on Friday 2 August 2019.

Regular updates are posted on our Facebook page, and if you have any enquiries, please leave us a comment or email


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects do you undertake?

Each semester we undertake a variety of new projects in different subject areas – we have worked in fields including marketing, HR, business strategy and finance.

Do I have to be doing a business degree to apply?

Certainly not. While some projects have more of a focus on business management, many projects do not.

Many non-profit organisations benefit from simply having people come in with fresh eyes to offer creative solutions to problems they are facing. We encourage students from all courses and years to apply.

I don’t have any previous work or consulting experience, should I still apply?

Yes. We believe experience is not a prerequisite to making good recommendations. Furthermore, when we form consulting teams we try to match more experienced consultants with students who have less (or no) experience. The professional training that is provided to all consultants also helps improve your consulting ability.

What training does 180 Degrees Consulting provide?

All 180 Degrees Consultants will receive extensive training from our partner for-profit consulting firm. There will also be training sessions targeted at the needs of specific project teams, as well as professional mentoring for team leaders.

What time commitment is required?

A consultant would be expected to commit approximately 4-8 hours of work per week. In this time, consultants are normally required to:

•   Attend a two-hour team meeting most weeks

•   Meet with the non-profit organisation throughout the semester

•   Assist with the development of final deliverables

•   Attend a presentation evening at the end of session


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