A warm welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting MAHE, Manipal.

What is 180 Degrees Consulting?

180 Degrees Consulting MAHE is a diverse, socially conscious student based and led organization located in Manipal, Karnataka, India which

· STRIVES to create a positive and significant social impact.
· SEEKS opportunities to meet development goals both on the outside of and within 180 Degrees Consulting.
· YIELDS high quality, extremely affordable and sustainable consulting solutions.

Our organization caters to dedicated, passionate, motivated and creative students powered by innovation in the field of consultancy.

Why 180 Degrees Consulting?

We believe in empowering organizations that solve some of the most pressing issues in society by analyzing the establishment and providing sustainable solutions.

Our main aim lies in forming an integrated network with social enterprises and non -profit organizations thereby enabling us as an establishment aid these organizations in reaching their max potential through high quality and affordable consulting solutions.

This helps these organizations while also helping us gain hands-on experience in dealing with real-life problems and situations.

What do we offer?

· Help establishments Implement effective programs
· Improve and enhance their marketing tactics
· Help them scale to other geographical locations to spark a lasting positive social impact
· Improve their logistics management
· Indulge in helping them create a system that deals with sustainable financial management
· Detailed analysis and insight into the matter concerning the enterprise
· Plethora of resources and a valuable support network

Our Mission

Our vision and mission are to strengthen the ability and tap into the potential of socially conscious organizations, thereby sharing with the society our view of a socially responsible economy.

At 180 Degrees Consulting MAHE, we not only learn to implement effective consultancy solutions but also indulge in an amazing professional peer-based learning atmosphere wherein you, as an individual, will be equipped with leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Our Website: www.180dc.org/branch/manipal-academy-higher-education/
Our Facebook: www.facebook.com/180dcmanipal
Our Instagram: www.instagram.com/180dcmanipal


Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, Karnataka - 576104

Phone: +91-9740641994

Manipal Academy Of Higher Education

Karnataka - 576104

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