180 Degrees Consulting is a global organisation with 200+ branches worldwide.  We are a management consulting organisation specialised in providing business solutions to nonprofits and social enterprises.

180 Degrees connects the untapped capabilities of top university students with the unmet needs of socially conscious organizations. Above all, the process is mutually beneficial. Non-profits, social enterprises, and socially minded businesses get custom solutions to problems they’re facing, also, by doing so university students get work experience, professional training, first-hand exposure to non-profits and social enterprises, real leadership development, & even more the opportunity to make a difference.

Whether you are an organisation interested in our services or a student interested in making a difference, we welcome you to the branch page of 180 Degrees Consulting Manipal University Jaipur.

Please read on to learn more about how we can collaborate and hence serve the society.


Manipal in education is a name to reckon with not just in India, but the world over. Due to its wide spectrum of academic and research programs covering almost all disciplines. Imposing high quality infrastructure, excellent faculty committed to achieve excellence, Manipal University Jaipur has established itself as a premier university. It is recognized as one of the fastest growing institutes in Northern India. 180 DC MUJ is the student branch at Manipal University Jaipur which envisions to break the glass ceiling in the field of social sector consulting, also becoming the first of its kind in the city of Jaipur.

  • Mission:

    The mission of 180DC MUJ is helping the socially conscious and non-profit organizations across India to maximize their impact through professional result-oriented, optimizing and efficient strategic management and operational effectiveness along with practical and sustainable solutions.

  • Vision:

    Our vision is to set-up a value-driven, efficient and socially inclined branch where the members get an opportunity to experience the professional world through which they could empower themselves and become capable of bringing some tangible difference in the society.

  • Approach :
    • Defining the Problem
    • Structuring the Problem
    • Prioritizing Elements
    • Estimation and Developing a plan
    • Research and Analysis
    • Result Synthesis
    • Sustainability and optimization

Services offered:

Three broad categories of services we offer are:

  • Business Planning: It involves analyzing and Developing of organization’s existing operations. It also includes examining the organisation’s current services as well as their financing, accounting, CSR and hence improve the overall  effectiveness.
  • Market Strategy and Analysis: it includes providing the organisation’s an in-depth understanding of the market viability, industry’s current players and potential pit-falls. Above all it helps them in identifying gaps within the market.
  • Review & Recommendations: Providing organisation’s the facility to examine how effectively their processes and business plans can achieve their intended time-bound goals. We aim to provide support to monitor organisation’s process and track implementation of our recommendation.

For the reason that problems faced by our clients are unique, we will try to cater individual needs of our clients.

Why Us?
  • Diversity: The student pool of Manipal University Jaipur itself is the greatest advantage of 180DC MUJ. The students come from all over the country right from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, due to which there is a vibrant diversity of thoughts & ideas. They also belong different disciplines of education, therefore adding a greater advantage to our projects.
  • Affordability: We pledge to provide high quality services which are sustainable and practical enough in an affordable and effective manner.
  • Expertise: Under the able guidance of our Mentors, Faculty & Industry Experts ensure to accomplish our mission & vision and hence serve our clients with the best services.

Join Our Team:

  • We aim at synthesizing an eco-system that would attract, nurture and retain exceptional talent .
  • We would like the team to be multi-cultural and from diverse academic backgrounds.
What do we expect:
  • Strong Commitment for the very cause.
  • Zeal and zest to work on the social issues
  • Have a charismatic personality in order to present their work well
  • Owning skill set like- Market research, online marketing, strategy development, etc.
  • Business acumen
  • Approach to reduce complexity and optimize the functioning
What is your Advantage?
  • The opportunity to bring about real impact and foster positive social and environmental change
  • Real consulting experience working with clients from the non-profit and social sector
  • In-depth training sessions on all necessary hard and soft skills to thrive as a consultant
  • Strong and lasting relationships with the most talented and inspiring classmates

The complete journey at 180 DC would turn a person into a complete individual with a broad perspective. Also, this journey would be a great add-on point to your resume & most noteworthy, is the invaluable experience which will change the perspective with which a person looks at the world.

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