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Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting Milan!

We are a diverse group of students with different backgrounds, nationalities and study paths. We are passionate about helping organisations increase their social impact.



The Challenge:

Non-profits and social enterprises are constantly persevering to make an impact on society. However, often they do not have the means or expertise to achieve the desired impact. How can we find a way to improve the effectiveness of these organizations and help them reach the greatest possible social impact?


The Answer:

180 Degrees Consulting at Bocconi University provides socially conscious organizations around the world with high quality, extremely affordable consulting services. We work with organizations to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to whatever challenges they’re facing.  We work to ensure that non-profits and social enterprises committed to education, health, and poverty alleviation can reach their full potential by meeting their demand for very affordable, high-quality strategic and operational assistance, and in doing so developing the next generation of social impact leaders.



Our awards speak for ourselves



Besides making an impact outside 180DC, we also make an impact within our bounds, through the advancement of our members, helping them reach their professional development goals.


We are people driven by passions.

How our consultants describe 180DC in 3 words:


Who do we work with?

We always work on real projects. Our clients are tackling issues such as the refugee crisis, homelessness, unemployment, and the adverse effects of disability.


Do you want to become a changemaker?

180 Degrees Consulting Bocconi has two recruiting sessions, Fall Recruitment and Spring Recruitment. To be the first to know about the recruitment dates, get in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Via Roberto Sarfatti, 25, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy



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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Red Cross Italy

    Area: Strategy
    Year: 2016

    The Red Cross has worked for more than a century to provide health and social aid to distraught populations: it is one of the most known humanitarian organizations in the world.

    '180 Degrees Consulting Bocconi has worked with their headquarters to carry out a local market analysis and define a strategy plan to help them face the increasing competition of in the sector'
  • Ashoka

    Area: Social Return On Investment
    Year: 2017

    Ashoka is an international non-profit aiming at transforming the way we act through its great network of social and youth entrepreneurs who have established themselves as change-makers. It is currently the biggest organization worldwide of its type, with a network of more than 3,000 “fellows”.

    '180 Degrees Consulting Bocconi developed a social return on investment (SROI) analysis for some of their programs'
  • React4Life

    Area: Marketing Strategy
    Year: 2018

    React4life is an innovative startup operating in the health care sector: its device is able to recreate the conditions to safely test pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. They asked

    '180 Degrees Consulting Bocconi has been asked to help define their brand and build an effective marketing strategy'
  • Echo100Plus

    Area: Strategy
    Year: 2017

    Echo100+ is an Austrian non-profit working to alleviate the immigration crisis in Greece by working in the refugee camps and promoting programs of social integration for its beneficiaries.

    '180 Degrees Consulting Bocconi has been asked to assist them in conceiving and implementing the project of a new application to integrate their programs'


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