180 Degrees Consulting NUS is a non-profit, student-run consulting agency committed to providing socially-conscious  organisations with high quality, affordable services through the development of innovative, practical and sustainable solutions. To maximise our impact, we offer end-to-end strategy and implementation services for our clients. Ultimately, we aim to connect the untapped capabilities of talented student consultants with the unmet needs of socially-conscious organisations.



We ensure that your organisation can reach its fullest potential by meeting your demand for very affordable, high-quality strategic and operational assistance.

We specialise in these 8 Areas of Services:

End-To-End Strategy to Implementation Services

A typical project would require 2 to 3 months for the formulation of an effective strategy followed by another 1 to 2 months for strategy implementation.



We are a group of motivated, intellectually-curious and dedicated individuals who share the same passion for solving  organisational problems faced by socially-conscious organisations. We firmly believe that improving effectiveness  of these organisations can make a massive and meaningful difference to the people these organisations serve.

If you share the same belief as us, join us!




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Branch Leadership Team

  • Dylan Liew

    Dylan Liew


  • Jasper Low

    Jasper Low


  • Too Fang Jing

    Too Fang Jing

    Director of Operations

  • Claire Lim

    Claire Lim

    Director of Client Engagement

  • Deandra Muliawan

    Deandra Muliawan

    Director of Strategy

  • Lee Jia En

    Lee Jia En

    Director of Marketing

  • Jayden Cheng

    Jayden Cheng

    Director of Finance

  • Ng Qi Yin

    Ng Qi Yin

    Director of Human Resource