180 Degrees Consulting QUT kickstarted in 2018. In sticking with our University’s methodology, we provide our hardworking consultants and project leaders with hands-on experience, while delivering social utility to the surrounding community. Trained and mentored by leading management consulting firms, our teams provide innovative solutions to a range of clients representing the impoverished, disadvantaged or social causes.



2 George Street, Brisbane CBD, QLD, Australia

Phone: +61 450 492 487

Queensland University of Technology


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Branch Leadership Team

  • Naman Gupta

    Naman Gupta


  • Shaina Singh

    Shaina Singh


  •  Piyali Ramnath

    Piyali Ramnath


  • Avi Yadav

    Avi Yadav

    Consulting Director

  • Katie Archibald

    Katie Archibald

    Legal & Sponsorship Director

  • Natalie Cook

    Natalie Cook

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Sally Higgins

    Sally Higgins

    HR Director

  • Esha Mittal

    Esha Mittal

    Corporate Relations Manager

  • Karis Leung

    Karis Leung

    Events Coordinator


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