180 Degrees Consulting Singapore (Kent Ridge) is a student-led, social-impact consultancy committed to solving the most complex problems of socially-minded organisations. We offer innovative yet practical consulting services.


We are one of the world’s first implementable strategy social-impact consultancies. We believe in solving our client’s biggest problems and actualising the impact that we envision for them. At 180 Degrees Consulting Singapore (Kent Ridge), we connect the capabilities of our talented student consultants with socially-conscious organisations.


Strong Mentorship Network: Each project team will be assigned to a professional mentor with a diverse set of experiences working across different industries, countries and project scopes.

Strong Global 180DC Network: With 176 branches, we are able to tap onto other branches to gain insights on the latest market and consumer trends in other countries.

Vast Experience: Our student consultants have experience working in some of the most renowned consulting firms, FMCG companies, banks and start-ups.

Rigorous and Comprehensive Trainings: At the start of every project cycle, our student consultants will go through a set of trainings to equip them with the skill sets to deliver high quality projects to our clients.




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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Mercy Ships

    Area: Australia
    Year: 2019

    The client is an international charity that operates the largest hospital ship in the world, providing humanitarian aid like free health care to developing nations.

    The client engaged 180DC NUS to help craft a strategy to expand their reach in the region, in order to increase participation in their flagship funding event.

    Our Approach:
    180DC NUS crafted a hyper-targeted outreach strategy that included a thorough landscape scan and analysis of over 3,000 companies using quantitative and qualitative metrics.

    After we presented the strategy, we also helped kickoff our strategy by helping to connect the client to key industry players that we identified.

    The client was extremely impressed with the caliber and depth of analysis, very practical approach, and with our dedication to actualize our strategy for them

    This approach is solid. We could even apply this to our branches in Hong Kong, Dubai, Korea… This exceeded my expectations. Exemplary work!

    - MD of Mercy Ships Australia

  • Wateroam

    Area: Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines
    Year: 2021

    The client is a social enterprise that aims to improve the life, living and livelihood of every individual globally through the use of durable and portable water filtration systems.

    Problem Statement:
    The client engaged 180DC SG KR to help craft a strategy to launch its water filter in the urban market of either Indonesia or Philippines, to increase revenue and profits to sustain its social mission.

    Our Approach:
    180DC SG KR crafted a Go-to-market strategy, encompassing product, price, distribution and promotion, including the financial impact and risks of proposed recommendations.

    Firstly, we compared and identified Indonesia as a more attractive and feasible market to enter. Next, we deep-dived into the water faucet filter industry in Indonesia, analysed key competitors and interviewed locals to identify consumer needs for home water purification solutions. As we benchmarked its filter against competitors, we crafted a phased product launch strategy, suggesting a suitable price point, and came up with an omni-channel distribution and promotion strategy to acquire and retain customers.

    The team was able to understand and scope the problem that we are facing in an effective manner. As a result, their solutions were very practical as they had an in-depth understanding of the industry and the most effective go-to-market channels.
    We sincerely appreciate the team's dedication in spending much time to develop a deep understanding of the industry and the situation faced by Wateroam. These efforts have enabled the 180DC SG KR team to "speak the language" of the industry and gave much confidence to our team at Wateroam about the practicality of the recommendations.

    - Co-Founder, CEO of Wateroam
  • ONE Singapore

    Area: Singapore
    Year: 2021

    The client is an organisation dedicated to raising awareness and taking concrete actions to make poverty history in Singapore

    Problem Statement:
    The client engaged 180DC SG KR to better acquire and retain more public donors for its Emergency Fund, and incorporate its advocacy goal of raising awareness of poverty issues in Singapore.

    Our Approach:
    180DC SG KR crafted a public donor acquisition and retention strategy to solicit more funds, due to the high volume of beneficiary requests. We identified a list of underlying factors that drive donations and proposed three donor profiles that ONE (SG) can specifically target, and supported the suggestions with specific actionable steps to implement social media strategy, a list of cold leads for potential partnerships, and a step-by-step guide on applying to donor-advised funds

    The team’s insights and observations were very valuable. You guys are like the mini McKinsey without paying the McKinsey fees!

    - President of ONE Singapore

Branch Leadership Team

  • Chin Jun Wuen

    Chin Jun Wuen


  • Chan Jie Min

    Chan Jie Min

    Vice President

  • Sophia Poh

    Sophia Poh

    Director of Consulting

  • Chan E Hueen

    Chan E Hueen

    Director of Consulting

  • Tabitha Tan

    Tabitha Tan

    Director of Consulting

  • Brian Lim

    Brian Lim

    Director of Marketing

  • Guo Yayuan

    Guo Yayuan

    Director of Client Engagement

  • Vera Lim

    Vera Lim

    Director of Finance & Legal

  • Denise Ong

    Denise Ong

    Director of Human Resources

  • Ye Yuqing

    Ye Yuqing

    Director of Internal Strategy and Growth

  • Rizqan Abdullah

    Rizqan Abdullah

    Deputy Director of Marketing