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Founded in April 2017, 180 DC Sofia is the Bulgarian branch of 180 Degrees Consulting – the world’s largest student-driven consultancy. We are committed to providing high-quality and extremely affordable business consulting services to non-profits and social enterprises in Bulgaria to help them improve their operations and maximize their social impact!

We help socially conscious organizations in Bulgaria:

• Run the most effective programs possible;
• Improve their financial sustainability;
• Improve their marketing;
• Measure their social impact and be more data-driven in their decision-making;
• Expand to new business and geographical areas;
• Improve their human resource management and volunteer recruitment.


If you are:

• a motivated, dedicated and passionate student or fresh graduate,
• having problem-solving skills and critical thinking,
• with a genuine interest for making social impact,
• willing to receive training from professional business consultants,
• with time to commit to working on projects for real clients,

then we would be more than happy to welcome you as a consultant in 180 Degrees Consulting Sofia!

Applications are open. Apply by 11 October 2020 to join the best new 180 DC Branch worldwide for 2017!

RecruitmentOur selection process consists of 2 steps. Step 1 is online application with CV and cover letter and step 2 is Assessment Center with group tasks, business case and personal interview. We take the recruitment process very seriously and our team is dedicated to finding the most brilliant and motivated students.

Remuneration. Everybody involved in 180 Degrees Consulting works pro bono (without a paycheck). Instead, you gain valuable consulting experience, get a good merit to put on your CV, make contact with both exceptional students and interesting actors in the business and not least you get to make an impact!

Projects duration. 180 DC projects comprise one university semester taking place twice a year. They start in late October/March and end in January/June leaving sufficient time during the exam period.

Workload. Consultants work 6 to 7 hours per week, while team leaders devote around 8 hours weekly.

Language requirements. An excellent command of English is a must to be part of 180 DC Sofia. Additional language proficiency can be a plus.

Get in touch with us. You can follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram or contact us via [email protected]


bul. "Tsar Osvoboditel" 15, 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria



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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • ELSA Bulgaria

    Area: Fundraising Strategy
    Year: 2020

    ELSA Bulgaria is a non-political, non-profit, non-government organization, that is part of the International ELSA (European Law Student’s Association), which aims at providing its members a platform to develop their existing skills and acquire new ones, to interact with fellow students and experienced practitioners, and to provide an international platform for Bulgarian law students. In order to achieve those goals fully, ELSA needs more funding, which will enable it to meet its main objectives. Therefore, the 180 DC team was engaged to conduct research and deliver recommendations on how to attract sponsors and partners. The team gave examples of good practices for fundraising, looked at many companies and law firms in Bulgaria and what is their Corporate Social Responsibility and made a list of possible partners/sponsors. Moreover, the team created sponsorship packages and pitch decks that ELSA Bulgaria can use when contacting the potential sponsors.

    We are delighted with the team’s dedication, hard work and motivation to deliver an excellent product.
  • ReUse

    Area: Marketing Optimization
    Year: 2020

    ReUse is a green start-up with the cause to provide a sustainable solution to bulky waste. The concept adopted the shape of creating an online platform that connects renovators of old furniture with upcycling enthusiasts, offering them a platform where they could work together, offer their services or share their experience.
    The main challenge for the client was to reach the right clients willing to buy renovated furniture (given the low social awareness of the issue in Bulgaria). Therefore, 180 Degrees Consulting Sofia delivered an analysis how the client could optimize its online platform in order to appear more user-friendly, as well as to make their cause more understandable for the mass consumer.

    The consultants were very professional, took the time to understand our needs, had a wonderful positive attitude, took the extra step and surpassed our expectations.

    Area: Marketing Strategy
    Year: 2020

    KIPRI Association is a non-governmental organization with the cause to keep Bulgaria’s cultural heritage, to develop it and to make it more popular for the younger generation by performing originally created music based on Bulgaria’s folklore.
    The main challenge for KIPRI was to find the right approach to reach their target group - the younger generation in Bulgaria. Therefore, 180 Degrees Consulting delivered a marketing strategy based on client’s targets. During the project, the consulting team discovered a brand awareness issue and delivered very specific and visual recommendations how the client could become more recognizable in order to reach their marketing goals successfully in case of limited resources.

    It was pleasure working with young, ambitious, problem-solving oriented and exceptionally creative people, who were able to accept our social cause as theirs in order to deliver the best possible results.
  • Character BG

    Area: Business Plan Validation and Social Impact Assessment
    Year: 2019

    Character.BG is a non-governmental organization, which aims to develop the strengths and talents of children. They want to create an online platform and their main goal is to encourage children to cooperate with each other, to help them find the strongest traits of their character, as well as to provide support for the integration of character education into the Bulgarian educational system. The team of 180 Degrees Consulting Sofia split its efforts into two parts: To create a business model, providing more useful statistics and to find the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for client, as well as an in-depth analysis of the current business model, in order to validate its feasibility and sustainability.

    It was inspiring for us personally to see how committed and hard working our consultants were on our project, embodying themselves this type of character, which Character.BG aims to help nurture in children and students in Bulgaria.
  • JCI Bulgaria

    Area: Recruitment and Retention
    Year: 2019

    JCI Bulgaria, is a non-governmental organization that is a part of JCI International, which aims to motivate active and young people around the world to make a change for themselves and those around them, and to also provide development opportunities in order to empower its members. JCI Bulgaria has the vision to be the leading global network of young active people. In order to achieve that, JCI needs more willing and energetic people. 180 Degrees Consulting Sofia delivered recommendations on how to improve each step of the Recruitment – Management – Retention chain, to invent a Recruitment strategy by modifying best practices used by other organizations and having some completely new ones.

    It was pleasant that they were so interested in us and our issues and they had fantastic attitude when working on the project.
  • BETA Bulgaria

    Area: Fundraising
    Year: 2019

    BETA Bulgaria is a NGO, part of the pan-European youth association Bringing Europeans Together Association (BETA). The mission of BETA is to increase the knowledge about the European Union among young people and to teach them analytical and soft skills, as well as teamwork and negotiation by the means of informal education. In order to achieve these goals, the client needed certain funding and therefore, 180DC Sofia was engaged to undertake a market research of different means of funding and growth opportunities for BETA and finally, to deliver a comprehensive report on the research outputs. Further, the consultants defined which companies in Bulgaria would be suitable for corporate partnerships with BETA and based on the results prepared several pitch decks so that the organisation could be presented in the best possible way.

    The experience with 180 Degrees Consulting Sofia was extremely productive and rewarding. The consultants and the team behind them are tremendous professionals that gave everything they have in order to produce a well-rounded and detailed report.
  • Teach for Bulgaria

    Area: Recruitment
    Year: 2019

    Teach for Bulgaria is a foundation, part of the Teach for All network that brings together similar organizations in over 45 countries around the world. The mission of Teach for Bulgaria is to give opportunity for equal access to high-quality education for all children in Bulgaria, regardless of their origin and the socio-economic status of their families.
    For achieving their goal, they wanted to attract the most prepared and motivated professionals as them being the most valuable resource towards positive change in education. Therefore, 180 DC was engaged to conduct an in-depth analysis of Teach for Bulgaria’s recruitment process and to suggest areas for its optimization. Going further, our consultants analysed client’s database of applicants. Based on the analysis our team defined target personas and proposed a tailored marketing approach for attracting the most suitable and talented professionals.

    "We are really happy and satisfied with the final product. The most valuable part was the external, non-biased perspective of the consulting team. The consultants were very motivated, professional and wanted to deliver the best possible product."
  • Zero Waste Bulgaria

    Area: Social Impact Assessment
    Year: 2019

    Zero Waste Bulgaria is a non-profit whose mission is to motivate and educate people and business companies on how to reduce the amount of waste they are producing. Less waste means cleaner environment and a better future for everyone.
    The client was confronted with the challenge to evaluate the results and social impact generated by their initiatives. The 180 DC Sofia team conducted a social impact assessment of the past, current and planned client’s initiatives based on our SROI (social return on investment) calculation methodology. We thus proposed an external communication approach for sharing the results with the broader audience and a strategy for prioritizing the planned initiatives.

    "The project was enriching, encouraging and providing us with a different perspective. We would implement it because we think the proposals are really valuable and would definitely work."

    Area: Business Planning
    Year: 2018

    MOVE.BG is a platform for citizens and experts, who wish for Bulgaria to succeed and seek sustainable solutions for the country’s brighter future. With its numerous initiatives, MOVE.BG aims at improving the current situation and unfolding Bulgaria’s economic potential.
    The 180 DC Sofia team developed a detailed business plan for a social co-working space launched by MOVE.BG. The goal was to ensure the full financial sustainability of the space. The business plan based on a thorough analysis of the co-working’s competitors in Sofia comprised a profound cost-revenue analysis and a best-mix proposition for the break-even of the co-working space.

    "We are happy with the teams' attitude, professionalism and readiness to help us in our work."
  • Institute for Progressive Education

    Area: Business Expansion
    Year: 2017

    The Institute for Progressive Еducation /IPE/ is a Bulgarian non-profit whose main mission is to contribute to the creation of an education system that empowers the Bulgarian children to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
    To improve the quality and reach of its services, IPE was confronted with the challenge to subsidize its costs and lessen its dependence on donations and project-based funding. 180 DC Sofia conducted an in-depth analysis of the local market for extracurricular activities, based on which the consulting team developed a marketing mix for two revenue-generating extracurricular children academies that should enable IPE to reach its goal.

    "The consulting report helped us confirm and adjust our hypothesis in order to have the best possible start of a new social enterprise model. The 180 DC team was very professional, took the time to understand our needs, had a wonderful positive attitude, took the extra step and surpassed our expectations."
  • National Youth Forum

    Area: Fundraising
    Year: 2017

    The National Youth Forum /NYF/ is the biggest youth umbrella organization in Bulgaria which includes almost 50 youth organizations from the whole country. The mission of the organization is to highlight the role and importance of youth organizations and youth work in development and creation of active and responsible young people who can work and contribute to a prosperous society. One of the main needs of the organization is to improve its financial sustainability and assure the effectiveness of its operations.
    The team of 180 Degrees Consulting Sofia contributed by conducting a profound research and analysis of the funding opportunities for NYF and based on that, proposed alternative financing sources and funds attracting activities to be integrated in NYF's portfolio.

    "Very detailed research from various sources that is giving us a broad overview of a fundraising strategy. The experience with 180 Degrees Consulting was very pleasant, because of the professional attitude, skillful and capable members and the short time of execution."

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