The world’s largest student student-driven consultancy. Now in Sofia.

Founded in April 2017, 180 DC Sofia is the Bulgarian branch of 180 Degrees Consulting – the world’s largest student-driven consultancy. We are committed to providing high-quality and extremely affordable business consulting services to non-profits and social enterprises in Bulgaria to help them improve their operations and maximize their social impact!

We help socially conscious organizations in Bulgaria:

• Run the most effective programs possible;
• Improve their financial sustainability;
• Improve their marketing;
• Measure their social impact and be more data-driven in their decision-making;
• Expand to new business and geographical areas;
• Improve their human resource management and volunteer recruitment.


If you are:

• a motivated, dedicated and passionate student or fresh graduate,
• having problem-solving skills and critical thinking,
• with a genuine interest for making social impact,
• willing to receive training from professional business consultants,
• with time to commit to working on projects for real clients,

then we would be more than happy to welcome you as a consultant in 180 Degrees Consulting Sofia!

Applications are currently closed. You can apply again in late February 2019 to join the Best New 180 DC Branch worldwide for 2017!

RecruitmentOur selection process consists of 2 steps. Step 1 is online application with CV and cover letter and step 2 is Assessment Center with group tasks, business case and personal interview. We take the recruitment process very seriously and our team is dedicated to finding the most brilliant and motivated students.

Remuneration. Everybody involved in 180 Degrees Consulting works pro bono (without a paycheck). Instead, you gain valuable consulting experience, get a good merit to put on your CV, make contact with both exceptional students and interesting actors in the business and not least you get to make an impact!

Projects duration. 180 DC projects comprise one university semester taking place twice a year. They start in late October/March and end in January/June leaving sufficient time during the exam period.

Workload. Consultants work 6 to 7 hours per week, while team leaders devote around 8 hours weekly.

Language requirements. An excellent command of English is a must to be part of 180 DC Sofia. Additional language proficiency can be a plus.

Get in touch with us. You can follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram or contact us via


bul. "Tsar Osvoboditel" 15, 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria



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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • The Red House

    Area: Art and Culture
    Year: 2018

    The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate is a culture venue in the heart of Sofia where artists can perform and present their projects. The centre is the first space for public debate and the first independent space for art, culture, social practices and psychodrama in Bulgaria. To achieve its mission to develop an independent art scene and to inspire civic participation and critical thinking, the Red House hired 180 DC Sofia to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for them. Our consulting team proposed to the client good marketing practices that would allow them to attract more visitors, artists and tenants and to stand out to similar organizations.

    The consulting report gave us ideas for targeting audiences the Red House has never worked with or identified as potential audiences.
  • Edu Compass Foundation

    Area: Education
    Year: 2018

    The Edu Compass Foundation is a non-governmental organization in the field of career orientation, training and development. The mission of Edu Compass is to support young people in creating better present and future for themselves and their community. To achieve its goals, the Foundation needs a sustainable financial model. To that end, 180 Degrees Consulting Sofia was commissioned to develop a fundraising strategy, which aims to diversify the revenue streams and offer different perspective of the current ones, enabling the client to unravel its full potential.

    Our work with 180 DC was fun, pleasant and with a lot of value and insightful as we learned a lot in the process as well. The project gave us clarity on what are the sponsorship options for the NGO, clear pathway and next steps.

    Area: Community development
    Year: 2017

    MOVE.BG is a platform for citizens and experts, who wish for Bulgaria to succeed and seek sustainable solutions for the country’s brighter future. With its numerous initiatives, MOVE.BG aims at improving the current situation and unfolding Bulgaria’s economic potential.
    The 180 DC Sofia team developed a detailed business plan for a social co-working space launched by MOVE.BG. The goal was to ensure the full financial sustainability of the space. The business plan based on a thorough analysis of the co-working’s competitors in Sofia comprised a profound cost-revenue analysis and a best-mix proposition for the break-even of the co-working space.

    "We are happy with the teams' attitude, professionalism and readiness to help us in our work."
  • Education Bulgaria 2030

    Area: Education
    Year: 2017

    Education Bulgaria 2030, is an umbrella nonprofit organization uniting the efforts of more than 40 stakeholders in the Bulgarian education from the public, private and social sector to act together towards achieving desired improvements in the education quality.
    The objective of the consulting project was to provide the client with a holistic marketing strategy that is to enable EB2030 to raise brand awareness and build a positive public image as a leading expert in the Bulgarian education. For this purpose, the 180DC team developed a tailored long-term 7-step marketing plan covering the whole spectrum of the organization’s marketing.

    "The consulting project with 180 DC Sofia will contribute to the future development of our organization and will help us achieve our goals."
  • Institute for Progressive Education

    Area: Education
    Year: 2017

    The Institute for Progressive Еducation /IPE/ is a Bulgarian non-profit whose main mission is to contribute to the creation of an education system that empowers the Bulgarian children to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
    To improve the quality and reach of its services, IPE was confronted with the challenge to subsidize its costs and lessen its dependence on donations and project-based funding. 180 DC Sofia conducted an in-depth analysis of the local market for extracurricular activities, based on which the consulting team developed a marketing mix for two revenue-generating extracurricular children academies that should enable IPE to reach its goal.

    "The consulting report helped us confirm and adjust our hypothesis in order to have the best possible start of a new social enterprise model. The 180 DC team was very professional, took the time to understand our needs, had a wonderful positive attitude, took the extra step and surpassed our expectations."
  • National Youth Forum

    Area: Youth empowerment
    Year: 2017

    The National Youth Forum /NYF/ is the biggest youth umbrella organization in Bulgaria which includes almost 50 youth organizations from the whole country. The mission of the organization is to highlight the role and importance of youth organizations and youth work in development and creation of active and responsible young people who can work and contribute to a prosperous society. One of the main needs of the organization is to improve its financial sustainability and assure the effectiveness of its operations.
    The team of 180 Degrees Consulting Sofia contributed by conducting a profound research and analysis of the funding opportunities for NYF and based on that, proposed alternative financing sources and funds attracting activities to be integrated in NYF's portfolio.

    "Very detailed research from various sources that is giving us a broad overview of a fundraising strategy. The experience with 180 Degrees Consulting was very pleasant, because of the professional attitude, skillful and capable members and the short time of execution."

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