About Us

180 Degrees Consulting, Sri Venkateswara College is the brainchild of a team of socially committed and economically inspired individuals who came together in the backdrop of the global pandemic. It was founded in 2020 with the sole objective of stimulating superior economic growth for socially sustainable organisations in order to create an environment of social, economic and environmental development. We strongly believe that a committed and competent team with the technical resources of the 21st century is the hallmark of socio-economic consulting in the world.

The Team

The branch team consists of students majoring in science, arts, and commerce which facilitates a multi-pronged approach to all problems faced by our client organizations and contributes to the holistic and knowledgeable environment constituted by the branch for the students within and outside the club. The team currently comprises of 30+ individuals, who went through an intensive three-tier selection procedure, ensuring that the best crop is the soul of the branch. With an average 9% acceptance rate, we guarantee that our services are of the greatest quality and provided by the brightest minds in the country.


A true partnership is a two way street and we embrace this philosophy. Since we delivered our first project in 2020, our client list has expanded to include diverse range of organisations including government organisations, think tanks, start ups and non profit organisations. We have ranged across several paradigms, serving our clients rooted in ed tech, sustainable fashion, beverages, social impact, fundraising, education consultancy, ESG, natural sciences, among others.Everyday since our inception, we’ve been devoting our hearts and minds to our clients, achieving great successes and building lasting relationships. To read more about our clients and the associated projects refer to section below.

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Services Offered


Our Consultants

Our consultants go through a rigorous training and development procedure with hands-on experience in real-life projects to get practical skills for a well-set career in management consulting and non-profit organization management. Consultants can also expect to receive the following:-

  • Weekly training session with our mentors to  build theoretical knowledge 
  • A well-Bred atmosphere of people with similar career interest to further their understanding and hone their skills 
  • Cultivating a peaceful and comfortable environment with constant team-building exercises in order to bring the leader out of one
  • Ensure overall development and mutually beneficially and accommodating schedule for academic-oriented students
  • Be the incubator through various technical and physical resources for an individual’s psychological, intellectual, and technological growth.

Let us be the bridge to your destiny. Be a part of 180DC SVC.

Applications opening for the Academic year 2021-22 soon.

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Sri Venkateswara College

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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Bored Beverages

    Area: Market Assessment & Digital Strategy
    Year: 2020

    About the Client:
    Tired of the same old alcoholic drinks available in the market, Bored Beverages was established with the aim to offer different and unique drinks to the Indian palate at a friendly price.

    About the Project:
    The team took a four-pronged approach under the concentrations of market assessment, digital marketing strategy, internship program, and user feedback.

    180 Degrees Consulting worked on various projects for Bored Beverages. Despite being a student-led consultancy, the team was very eager to learn about different facets of the product and industry. We are very happy with the professionalism and commitment of the team & would highly recommend their services.
  • District Administration Rupnagar

    Area: Operations Planning
    Year: 2021

    About the Client:
    Overseeing the management of over 600 villages and 6 towns, the District Administration of Rupnagar aims to further development within the district through upskilling of citizens, increasing literacy and various other policies and initiatives targeted towards ensuring a better life for all.

    About the Project:
    The team worked for a year-long consulting engagement covering diverse projects ranging from market linkage and funding management, to enhance the livelihood of the targeted villages in the district. The team assisted in ideating, strategising, and executing various policies, aiming to provide maximum exposure to better livelihoods in select villages of the district.

    The District Administration of Rupnagar, Government of Punjab recognises and appreciates the efforts of the 180 DC SVC team in planning the sales, operations, and marketing functions to improve the efficiency of various policies to improve livelihoods.
  • CDS Kenya

    Area: Fundraising Strategy & Volunteer Management Strategy
    Year: 2021

    About the Client:
    Community Development and Sustainability Organization (CDS) Kenya is a non-profit organization that works for the transformation of communities in the field of education, health, nutrition, peace-building and water crisis in the country of Kenya.

    About the Project:
    The team, post extensive reading and research to
    get acquainted with the culture and practices prevalent, various legalities in play, etc., formulated potential solutions to problems such as conveniently scheduling meetings for volunteers spread across the globe to inconvenient user flows that discouraged donations.

    The 180 DC SVC team identified crowdfunding platforms, virtual media, and user experience as key areas of focus, while formulating a strategy in the verticals of attraction, selection, and retention of volunteers.


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